Archive: July 14

Think I'm witnessing the end of an old internet gossip fourm. The moderator put in a few good swings, but the false flaggers look like they'll win. They've already gotten media sites to report on them, and they've even convinced one of the few domains they had to kick em to the curb.

It's not just the end of a literal who messaging board. Everywhere you go, you can see remnants of what it was: a bunch of nerds from across the globe getting together and having a good time. Now there's just too many people. Every conversation's become politicized and filtered by stupid ops and buzzwords. Earnest conversation is a gem in the rough of click bait "content". Every other post is made by a bot with an agenda for your data or your time, in a system of three or four monopolized social media farms designed and managed by the smartest people in the world. Why? So that you don't stop using their internet. You can't do what people did before. Not without everyone doxxing their faces and livelihoods on snap or tik tok for ai software to train with and control your virtual life.

It used to be an escape for me. To share shitty newground clips on something awful and face punch, then sometimes get banned. Surfing in a world where everything's new, and each day it's exciting to see what other people were talking about. Now everything's interconnected. The internet and real life are becoming one, and it's fucking up people who were never built to handle such a platform. Everyone's fighting to the fucking death for a sliver of your attention, doing the most obscene and useless shit so that they can jerk themselves off knowing they get a big number on the screen. Well, either that or the money, which I can't blame them for.

I'm getting older everyday, and afternoon is one of the few sites I still visit, save for some dying blogs.
Maybe it's just time to let go.

(Last edited Jul 14, 2021)