Archive: June 27

.. A more satisfying definition of the workshop is: a productive space in which people deal face-to-face with issues of authority. This austere definition focuses not only on who commands and who obeys in work but also on skills as a source of the legitimacy of comand or the dignity of obedience. In a workshop, the skills of the master can earn him or her the right to command, and learning from and absorbing those skills can dignify the apprentice or journeyman's obedience. In principle. .. (2020)

2020-anon's quote appears to be from an academic text by Richard Sennett entitled The Craftsman. If it is not obvious by the language used above, the book treats skilled labour through the lens of sociology. It is an interesting approach, but from my own experiences in college, it is somewhat tiring to have ivory towers impose models of power and authority onto every phænomenon.

Anyway, thank you 2020-anon for the indirect suggestion of this book. (2021)

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