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It's just another manic Monday
I wish it was Sunday
'Cause that's my fun day
We've gathered together at work and got shitfased. One girl cuddledme and went to the toilet to barf.Tis is so sad. Now im thiking how i eillbe reading this one year later and my memory eould overelm me and', gonna get shitfaced GAIN. This girl is cute but shes kinda leesbian wen shes siber. Eeery time shi drinks shr climgs to me.
I dont think we
This cideris amazin. Froty kjACK iyts britigsh.
To the future me polease ddont erase thid i eanns to remrember this the next yratr
Thus us soi dads
i shouldvw killed myself a long time agoo/
hahs the last post wdown below says THANJKS04-june-2020

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