Archive: March 24

*The War of the Post Office*

It broke anons' hearts,
who spared not post nor reply.
The time dragged,
Doubling itself in passing,
awaiting the ending of
uncomfy posts.

If the Owner must moderate
The most prolific poster of our board, the spammer-
Their admin's hands
Stained with the banishment
of a million VPN's laid to waste
on Holy Post Office lands.

And so, they dared the deed,
banning their child to help the war.

All their spam - to cries of Admin, Admin,
Their childish outbursts,
were held as nothing.
The good anons, weary of racial slurs,
lived on.

(Adapted from poetry of the Trojan War by anon, 2021)
Keep up the fight, dear Admins

(Last edited Mar 24, 2021)