Archive: March 4

O All-Powerful and Almighty Physician of our souls and bodies – Lord Jesus Christ! Hear now the tearful prayers of all Your servants who are suffering from grievous illnesses and who place all their hope in You alone. For we know, O Lord, that where human hand cannot give relief and healing - You can, for nothing is impossible for You. Having created our souls and bodies, You possess the power to save us. Therefore we beseech You, All-Merciful One, if it is Your holy will, heal us of our infirmities of soul and body and, according to the judgments known to You, regenerate our nature afflicted with sickness. Above all, we entreat You to forgive all our sins so that with our souls purified by repentance, we can hymn You, together with Your Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit forever. Amen.

(Last edited Mar 4, 2020)