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September 25

The days are getting shorter.
Today is the birthday of Will Smith.
It's almost scarf weather! Do you know how to knit?

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For the past year my personal finances have plummeted into the lowest level in my adult history do to unfortunate circumstances. I struggle to make even the smallest investments towards regaining independent financial freedom...with that being said...over the last year I have been blessed with luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous. Staying at a condo in the penthouse facing the ocean water with Florida skybluepink Sunsets to warm my soul. Have once a month vacations to Presidential Suites at Grand Hotels in Clearwater Orlando Daytona Resorts and shopping for whatever the days needs and most recent is my transportation is being escorted around in a 2001 Ferrari that is as fast as it is beautiful. Most of all I have amazing people to learn how to achieve greatness and schmooze my professional skills into a career as a travel agent to these amazing places and become financially independent once again. Come to Florida and stay for a Sunsets and feel like your on top of the world.
By Anjewela