[b] bold

[u] [u]underline[/u]

[o] overline

[i] italic

[s] strikethrough

[m] couriour text

[#] ignores all [b]bbcode[/b] tags inside it

[code]preserves syntax for code and colors text

[spoiler]for spoilers

[sup] makes text progressivly smaller [sup]higher[/sup] on the line

[sub] makes text [sub]progressivly smaller [sub]lower on the line

[aa] For SJIS art. For ASCII art use [m] tag.

To quote put "> " on a new line, ignore the quotes but do keep the space everything typed on that line will be quoted

To multiquote put "> " before the first line
then put "> > "before the next line of text
third line: "> > > "

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