I was interviewed by the curator of the museum. He tried to sound me out by means of clever, unexpected questions. What did I think about architecture, what was important to me about my work – these were the things he wanted to know. The tape recorder was on. I did my best. At the end of the interview, I realized that I was not really satisfied with my answers.

Later that evening, I talked to a friend about Aki Kaurismaiki's latest film. I admire the director's empathy and respect for his characters. He does not keep his actors on a leash; he does not exploit them to express a concept, but rather shows them in a light that lets us sense their dignity, and their secrets. Kaurismaiki's art lends his films a feeling of warmth, I told my colleague - and then I knew what it was I would have liked to have said on the tape this morning. To build houses like Kaurismaiki makes films - that's what I would like to do.

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