A. told me that she had seen many tattooed women on the beach of a small seaside resort in the “Cinque Terra” region, a holiday destination visited mainly by Italians. The women underline the individuality of their bodies, use them to proclaim their identity. The body as a refuge in a world which would appear to be flooded by artificial signs of life, and in which philosophers ponder on virtual reality.

The human body as an object of contemporary art. Surveys, disclosures that seek knowledge, or the human body as a fetish of self-assertion that can only succeed when looked at in the mirror or seen through the eyes of others?

This autumn, I visited the room with the exhibition of contemporary architectural projects from France. I saw shining objects made of glass, gentle shapes, without edges. Taut, elegant curves rounding off the geometrical volumes of the objects at specific points. Their lines reminded me of Rodin's drawings of nudes and endowed the objects with the quality of sculptures. Architectural models. Models. Beautiful bodies, celebrations of surface texture, skin, hermetic and flawless, embracing the bodies.

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