CamelCase is when you write words LikeThisWithAlternatingCapitalAndLowercaseLetters. This script automatically links CamelCase patterns. Unlike many CamelCase implementations, this wiki script allows the use of numbers. For example, Month10Year2011 would be linked.

This script will not link CamelCase patterns if there is a character in front. Such as aBigMistake. This is useful if you want to suppress the linking of a CamelCase pattern, such as in a name McKenzie. By placing four single quotes in front of the pattern, linking is suppressed. Additionally, whenever four single quotes are used anywhere, they are not printed.

Four single quotes can also be used to append pluralization in a CamelCase pattern. For example FrontPages points to FrontPage by placing four single quotes between the desired link and the letter s.

Pages have this naming convention:
 i.e. BlackBoard, MajesticFartKingdom or LimpaZollaMajoTimpaNoStrimpie

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