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last post: Aug 13, 2020

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1 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-13 20:25
Yama no Susume was a very pleasant surprise. Very short at 3 minutes per episode, but it enjoyed a very high production value and it had lots of beautiful nature shots. It might even get a second season!
2 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-13 20:41
I absolutely loved Yama no Susume, can't wait for the second season.

Aiura is another great short anime and it's airing this season. Everything about it is really relaxing, I look forward to it every week.
3 Name: grey !C.MxxuCiTo : 2013-06-14 01:21
I have never read the manga, but the Shingeki no Kyojin anime is great.
4 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-15 21:28
I finally caught up on Otoyomegatari. Now the painful wait for scans begins.
5 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-16 22:17
I'm watching Durarara! and I like it even as much as I liked the manga. Simon however is the most racist depiction of a black guy in Japanese media I have ever seen in my 23 years. Stay classy Japan.
6 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-16 22:23
7 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-17 06:23
Yeah it's pretty neat.
8 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-17 11:16
I don't want Chihayafuru to end. It's the only one I'm looking forward to every week.
9 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-17 12:40
I have so many things in my Manga backlog and so little time due to Japanese studies, goddamnit!

Is anyone watching Golgo 13, DD HnK, Yuyushiki and Aiura here?
10 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-17 18:12
I'm watching both Yuyushiki and Aiura. Tuesdays are so relaxing.
11 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-18 05:12
The humor in Yuyushiki can be a hit or miss for me, since it often relies on puns or word plays and sometimes jokes go over my head to be honest. But the emphasis the show puts on the affection characters feel for each other and the cute mannerism derived from that makes up for it plenty.
12 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-18 23:55
I finished Durarara.
That was great.
13 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-19 01:07
I just started on Katanagatari. I was expecting more action than talking but I really enjoy the banter between the characters.
14 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-19 03:14
Yea, Isin is a really wordy author, and you're in for a long wordy trek with usually only a short fight scene per episode.

Not that I mind, I feel like Katanagatari is one of the few pieces of his where that really works. He weaves it together really well, and the visuals/audio are just wonderful icing on that in anime form.
15 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-24 23:55
Hey all, other than in physical form, how do you like to read your manga?

I like phsyical best, but the translations end up being american-ized and not as true to itself. I mostly would just web-search it and read it on whatever site comes up first.
16 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-25 07:15
I got a Nexus 7 recently pretty much exclusively for the purpose of using it for reading books/manga, since doing so on a computer screen has never really felt right for me. It totally exceeded my expectations, I actually really enjoy reading manga digitally now that I have a portable means to do it on something that looks and feels like a page and not just a window on a computer screen. I imagine the same would be true of other tablets.
17 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-25 13:18

I too like physical the best, and the German translation of Yotsuba! turns out kind of cute (´・ω・`)

Other that that I read it on my Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. MangaWhat is my favourite reader although 2 of the 3 available sites are broken
18 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-25 20:46
Yotsuba&! is pretty amazing because the quality hasn't dwindled at all, while it's still about the same things since Volume 1. Azuma is very talented.
19 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-30 11:30
Waiting warmly for the new season of Tamayura.
20 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-30 14:23
It's pretty amazing it got a new season. It didn't feel like something that would sell well.
21 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-30 17:22
The first season sold decently, around 4k if I remember correctly so it probably did a little bit more than breaking even. I also think Junichi Satou enjoyed working on it a lot, it almost felt like a love letter to Aria considering how similar it was in tone and structure. I suppose it became possible with a well-respected director willing to create more and not-so-bad sales. I can only hope he'll work on an Amanchu adaptation in the future.
22 Name: Anonymous : 2013-06-30 20:24
Today is almost the most enjoyable day.
23 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-06 02:17
Started on the second season of Arakawa Under The Bridge earlier today. I love the surreal humor and the awesome cast of the show. Not to mention the art style and animation quality is top notch.

You're probably finished with it by now, but I hope you enjoyed it. Katanagatari is my all time favorite anime, and too many people skip over it because it isn't the typical shonen swordfight action anime they wanted.
24 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-06 03:29
I wish a new Yotsubato chapter would come out.
25 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-06 05:47
I actually just finished it on Thursday and loved it. Like I said, I was expecting more action but I really prefer it the way it was done. The characters developed well and while I can see why some people wouldn't like the ending I thought it was perfectly in spirit of the series. I don't want to say too much more because I don't know if spoiler tags work or even exist here, but that final episode was great.

Now I'm gonna start on Tamayura Hitotose. Hopefully I can catch up to the second season before it's finished airing.
26 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-08 02:14
Anybody excited for FREE!?
27 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-08 05:06

I would be if the boys looked more like cute girls
28 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-08 08:29
I'm a straight male, so there's not much sexual appeal to it for me. I've never been hot for sports anime. It's also a KyoAni anime, and I tend to be cautious about those.

I guess you can say it hasn't really piqued my interest.
29 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-08 10:09
I also wasn't a big fan of sports anime until I saw chihayafuru. Now I'm eager to try more, but I'm afraid it's an exception to the genre.
30 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-08 10:47

No, not really. I guess it's cheap to say that it doesn't pander to me but that's how it is. I usually tend to watch KyoAni's shows for the cute girls but those are nonexistent this time. I'm not into swimming either.

While we are talking about sport anime, is anyone excited for the baseball anime airing in fall? Name's Ace or something
31 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-10 14:10
The opening for the new Tamayura season is just amazing! I can't stop listening.
32 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-10 19:06
Now I'm tempted to check it out before I finish the first season. I really like the opening for ~hitotose~.
33 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-10 22:17
Fairly surprised to see a significantly higher amount of "This season sucks" around the internet (read: /a/) than usual. I mean, it isn't fantastic, but it's probably my favorite season of the past three or so. Varied, too.

I've got Blood Lad, Dangan Ronpa, Free, Kami-sama no Inai Nichiyoubi, Monogatari Boogaloo Fever, Servant x Service, Tamayura, TWGOK, Uchouten Kazoku, Watamote, Fate/Kaleid, and Silver Spoon under my belt so far, and there haven't been any massive disappointments (other than the weird pacing issues with DR). I watch a lot of different genres/material that appeals to a wide range of individuals, so I can't really see anyone feeling left out from even that small lot, from the deepest DEEP type to the heaviest moe fan. A dearth of harder action, perhaps?
34 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-10 22:59
A new chapter of Kabu no Isaki is out!
35 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-12 00:14
I don't think I've ever seen a single season go by without some people there saying it was the worst season in recent years. Best to not take those things seriously.
36 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-12 06:28
I just marathon'd Angel Beats (I'm late to the party, I know), and dear god I'm an emotional wreck. I don't know what to think or feel, I think it actually made me depressed. I think this may have been the first time I've ever cried to an anime before, and I was tearing up throughout the entire series. I can't sleep because I keep thinking about it, and I don't have the mental stability at the moment to fap. I'm really just not in the mood to do anything at the moment.

I do have thoughts about how much it sucks to be a hikikomori sometimes, but seeing shit like this makes me want to stay away from all forms of love. It's distressing to be lonely, but I'm guessing it doesn't hold a candle to the crushing effects of a broken heart.
37 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-13 02:58
I am currently watching Mirai Nikki.

I now understand why Waifu's exist.
38 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-13 03:58
No, man, no. Don't go down the Gasai Yuno hole. That hole never ends man.
39 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-13 04:57
Be careful with that concept. Things could get ugly for you.
40 Name: Tokiko : 2013-07-13 20:03
are all y'all watchin Danganronpa? I hope ya be!
41 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-13 20:39
I'm watching Uchouten Kazoku, the new Tamayura and Genshiken. I still have to warm up to Genshiken, because they ditched the entire old cast and have now started with a a group that is almost exclusively female.

I haven't played it yet. I plan to when I pick up a PSP.
42 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-14 00:32
It's getting an official release! Hopefully they put as much effort into it as the translation project/great LP out there. A shame it's for the Vita, though, or else I might be able to say this post is a recommendation for when you get that PSP.

Definitely a good idea to not watch the anime if you haven't experienced the game, though. It isn't bad, and it's fun to see the characters move and all, but it's pretty badly rushed to squash a lengthy game into 12 episodes. Probably not the best way to experience the plot for the first time.
43 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-14 02:17
New Kabu no Isaki chapter. Very much Post Office related.

44 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-14 12:39
This could just as well be a scan from YKK. Wonderful.
45 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-14 19:32
Same artist. Ashinano Hitoshi. Here's something else called "Position"

46 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-17 06:21
Favorite manga of 11 years ends, last thing my favorite character is seen doing is crying. Not sure I want to do anything but imitate them for a few days. How do you cope with this sort of thing, Post Office?
47 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-18 02:11
I can't say I've ever followed something for so long before, but it's always a bittersweet feeling when something you love comes to an end. What manga is it? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess it's Hourou Musuko since I recently heard that it was ending soon.
48 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-18 02:25
Good guess, and great taste. It's been such a long time, with so many characters I love and relate to. Shimura is a wonderful mangaka, and a great storyteller in general, but I'm finding myself really sad to think that I'm parting with them for good...
49 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-18 02:38
Same to you. I never did read the manga but I thought the anime was one of the better shows of 2011. For You is probably one of my all time favorite ending themes. I should really get to reading it soon.
50 Name: A taste of summer. : 2013-07-18 05:55
I just finished Moribito. It is truly a work of art.

In this world that's always changing, human warmth never does.
51 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-18 07:55
You should definitely get on that. Despite the long runtime, as a monthly manga it ended at around 120 chapters, so it shouldn't take up too much time.

Glad to see other people liked the ED as much as I did, feels a bit like an unappreciated gem in Rie Fu's popular lineup. Have a happy remix.

52 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-19 15:05
I just started Ladies vs Butler. I don't like harems that much but god, this show get's me so fucking horny (・∀・)!!

I can't wait to see the extra content.. 2 minutes of pure girls, tits and asses as far as the eye can see!!
53 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-20 01:03
You should check out Kanokon. Same artstyle, similar feel, plus there's like 12 specials dedicated to fanservice. It's really a must watch for ecchi fans.
54 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-22 05:53
The first two episodes of Free! actually made me laugh a lot. I'm going to keep it up.
55 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-22 07:09
Yea, the plot and characters aren't really anything special for a sports anime, but Kyoani always manages to put a fun amount of personality into their shows at the very least. Pleasantly surprised.
56 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-22 22:19
I just marathoned Eden of the East. It was an interesting short watch. Though it felt weird that the protag had a very similar personality to mine.
57 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-24 19:45
I'm not sure if this constitutes as a shitty recommendation request but I'll ask anyway since it certainly doesn't warrant a new thread.

What is the dumbest superhero anime that takes itself seriously? I'm talking like the kind of superhero anime that you see other anime characters watching (like Magical Girl Kyoko in To Love-RU). I'm just in the mood to watch something hilariously bad.
58 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-24 22:01
It's not a superhero anime but Mars of Destruction is notorious for being hilariously bad.
59 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-26 07:29
I made the mistake of watching Hotarubi no Mori e around other people after recommending it to them.

Over a year later, and it still makes me cry like a little girl.
60 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-26 15:19
I will, thanks.
61 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-27 18:38
Here's a volume of short stories that are about different places in Japan. Very much Post Office quality.
62 Name: Anonymous : 2013-07-29 09:48
I'm reading Living Game and it's so cute. The art is very 90's adn the plot is delicious.
63 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-01 00:48
To whoever posted the Amanchu images on the photoboard, thanks for reminding me that I need to start reading that.
64 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-03 20:25
How is Galaxy Express 999?
65 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-06 14:48
You're welcome.
66 Name: Blacknose-sama : 2013-08-14 05:33
Kabu No Isaki is out~!

67 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-21 04:27
New Isaki of the Cub!
I really have no clue what just happened.

68 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-31 15:00
(´Д`; ,)
69 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-31 15:01
I'm 100% straight and I fucking love Free!


Nagisa is kawaii.
70 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-31 19:36
The continued production of Teekyuu gives me great joy.
71 Name: Anonymous : 2013-08-31 20:49
I've been loving Free! too, I've always liked swimming and the local indoor pool opens up in a few days, I'm watching it and getting super pumped.
72 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-02 01:16
All Rounder Meguru is outstanding SoL with an amazing dash of tsundere romance.

I'd recommend it if you're into sports or are looking for motivation on getting better physically.
73 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-02 17:03
So I just got caught up on KnI.


Spoilers below!

Does Isaki remember what happened? What exactly WAS it that hapened to him? I feel like he went backwards into a past memory? But he has a smartphone? Maybe everyone in KnI has cell phones and it has just not been shown until now.
But then he gets back to the group with the cat-mouthed-woman, and he thinks he's been gone 20 minutes. But to his friends he just came back instantly!

74 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-03 04:40
Hopelessness, despair, isolation. Angelic blonde maiden.

Me too! I've been keeping my eye on MAPPA since they promise to eventually finish Dreaming Machine as well.
75 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-06 14:17
This weekend I might be able to get my group of new friends together and watch some anime off of a USB hard drive I have. I've got Sora no Woto, NO.6, Kino no Tabi, TTGL, Last Exile, Summer Wars, and a couple others. What should we watch.....
76 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-11 22:56
I'm finally starting to read through Kabu no Isaki. Makes me want to fly...
77 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-12 12:40

If you're watching with friends TTGL or Summer wars would probably be best.
78 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-15 03:54
SnK is too good. The traitor is really terrifying.
79 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-16 02:08
80 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-16 04:30
I'm very pleased that Kyousogiga has gotten a full TV series.
81 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-16 05:47
Yes I am happy about that as well and that Imaishi's studio are finally putting out their first real show. Such a treat.
82 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-16 07:11
It's funny, I don't follow seasons and rely on others to separate the wheat and chaff. Looking at that chart, I realize I don't know how to form expectations at all. Everything seemed silly except maybe Non Non Biyori, but I'm sure I'll be proven wrong in that.
83 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-16 16:28

I generally pick one or two things that seems interesting to me, wait for them to finish, then torrent and watch/marathon the whole thing all at once.
84 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-18 09:17
Best season in years, honestly, just from a perspective of staffing. If Space Dandy were airing now, it'd be the One True Sakuga Fall, but as it stands it's damn amazing.
85 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-24 23:24
Rereading Hoshikawa Ginza Yonchoume. Kinda like a lesbian Usagi Drop without the incest. The subject matter makes me a little uncomfortable but with a few exceptions it's not really exploited and on the whole it's sweet.
86 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-25 02:58
The subject matter makes me a little uncomfortable

What parts exactly?
87 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-25 04:04
Romance between a guardian and a ward, and between an adult and a child. The one depicted didn't seem predatory, but any such relationship requires extreme scrutiny, and an ingrained squick reaction is a good mechanism for forcing that.
88 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-27 13:11
I have no goddamn clue what just happened in SnK. How and why can Annie do what she just did? Where the fuck is Erens father?
89 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-30 07:03
oh man, im about to watch a Legend of the galactic heros. The download was three gigabytes.
90 Name: Anonymous : 2013-09-30 16:05
I see the SnK anime has reached that same point as in the manga where it piles on more questions instead of answering anything.
91 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-01 01:30
Ah. I've not read the manga. But I will once the show is finished.
92 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-02 14:27
Free! has finished. Rei-chan is truly the bro of the season.
Soundtrack should be coming out soon!!
93 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-02 22:16
You should use Batoto for your manga reading needs instead of manga reader. Batoto doesn't watermark their images just for hosting them, and they have better image quality.

It isn't good to support sites like manga reader and manga fox that watermark their images, even though they did not translate them.
94 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-04 01:09
Figured since it was October I'd be festive and watch a bunch of scary-ish or at least gory violent anime throughout the month. My line-up is School Days, Shinsekai Yori, Elfen Lied, Boogiepop Phantom, and a few movies like Perfect Blue and the live-action adaptation of Another.
95 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-04 01:13
School Days was the most scarring anime ever. I thought it was just an innocent romance anime, and then everything went horribly wrong.

I might check out some of those anime too! I'd love to get into the Halloween spirit.
96 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-05 12:23
I recommend Serial Experiments Lain or Higurashi. They're both creepy with bits of gory violence.
97 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-05 15:35
Oh sweet Jesus Higurashi. Never again. うそだよ!!
98 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-05 18:36
the only thing ive seen of higurashi is a scene involving something that rips out fingernails on youtube, and a series of murders.
Yeah, I can pass on this one.
99 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-05 22:49
Yeah, I can pass on this one.
More like, pass out.
100 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-11 16:32
Non Non Biyori has almost three minutes worth of scenery porn as its intro. Ren-chon is also the adorablest.

It is off to a great start with the first episode.
101 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-12 10:45
Oh, god, im continuing to watch LoGH
102 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-12 16:25
I have resumed watching it recently as well; it's a nice show to watch every night before going to bed. I'm at episode 60 and I like how they have been able to provide such consistent quality.
103 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-13 00:04
My friend bought vol1 of Yostubato in Japanese for me and she's going to give it to me when she gets beck from Japan!
104 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-13 13:10
105 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-16 04:17
Why has there been no Kabu no Isaki update in 44 days? Did something happen to Roselia Scans?
106 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-17 02:27
What's something I can read a chapter of before going to sleep?
107 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-17 03:11
I feel like that's really tough.
I want to say all of the Aria/Aqua manga. But I don't see how someone could *only read just one* and then put it down.
108 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-17 18:09
If we're talking Aria, the anime is very easy to fall asleep to. Reading takes a bit more effort
109 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-18 02:57
I just watched Garden of Words.


It made me sad.
110 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-20 00:16
I'm enjoying Kill la Kill. Actiony shows usually aren't my thing but it's really cool and funny and doesn't take itself very seriously.
111 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-21 13:15
We have spoiler tags, you know.
112 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-21 15:09
Why, no, I did not know this. (´Д`; )
113 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-21 17:37
 / ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄
 | Not only do we have spoiler tags
 \__   ___________________
     |  /    /
     | /     | We have AA tags as well!
     |/      \______   ________
    ∧_∧∩        ∧_∧ )/
   ( ゚ ヮ゚)/        (゚ ヮ゚ ) ´
 _ / /   /       _と と ヽ
\⊂ノ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\   \  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄\
 ||\        \  .||\.        \
 ||\|| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||   ||\|| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||
 ||  || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||   ||  || ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄||
    .||          ||      .||          ||
114 Name: OLD MAN WINTER : 2013-10-22 20:47
Winter Anime Chart

115 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-23 09:39
Protip from an old anime watcher: any anime is a winter anime if you watch it during winter.
116 Name: Anonymous : 2013-10-29 12:47
But if you see an slice of life anime with about skiing and/snowboarding, then it's double winter.
117 Name: Anonymous : 2013-11-02 16:26
Is anyone watching Samurai Flamenco? This show is really damn good! ww
It's a pity that the animation is so poor at times though, I've heared that the budget is pretty low and the Japanese are not really interrested in it either. Oh well.
118 Name: Anonymous : 2013-11-30 10:21
I'm really liking Gingitsune this season; the character interactions are very fun to watch.

One or two of the episodes were angsty as heck but they didn't dwell on it and I'm glad, since it detracts from the atmosphere.
119 Name: Kajika is what? : 2013-12-05 18:05
So I just caught up on Kabu No Isaki. From chapter 38 to 47.
120 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-05 20:00
Yeah, I'm in disbelief myself. I thought the tone was too inconsistent with the rest of the series and it felt awkward. The Mt Fuji thing was nicely inserted into an already otherworldly experience, and it remained mystical so it could be just a 'wonder of this world'. But the latest chapters, with only one remaining, are a bit too much. Plus KnI was first released as a one-shot so this could very well be an 'arsepull' Ashinano thought of later on...
121 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-07 04:18

I reacted like you have, but in a positive light. I liked it. Even if I have no idea what's currently up. Did Ashinano say the next one will be the last for sure?
122 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-17 06:53
Hyouka is wonderful!
123 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-21 01:57
What anime is this from?
124 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-21 12:42
I think it's Golden Time.
125 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-22 05:41
Eehh, I don't see anyone in the character lists that looks like them.
126 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-22 17:23
I reverse image searched it and found a few other screenshots from the scene. Japanese textboards and some Portuguese sites claim it's Golden Time. I don't think they're particularly important characters in the show, though.
127 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-28 00:44
Non Non Biyori was great, makes me wonder how many great SOLs I miss because they don't get animated or translated or even scanned.
128 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-28 10:34
So, I very recently watched the latest Magica Madoka Movie.
What the FUCK just happened? Why were Mami and Sayaka and QB doing an experiment on Homura, trapping her in her own body? What the fuck even WAS any of that? Don't get me wrong, I really liked the movie, I jst have no idea what just happened.
129 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-05 02:29
130 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-05 12:55
131 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-05 14:06
Also, here's the new Mushishi one hour special that just came out if anyone wants it.
I really liked it a lot. It had a dire situation, but still had the original slow calm feel Mushishi is famous for.
132 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-24 04:22
133 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-29 03:33
Finished Yuushibu.
It was better than Lord of the Rings.
134 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-29 04:33
Are you just saying Yuushibu is really good or are you serious about that statement?
135 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-29 17:08
I said it because of the last episode and my association with it. I don't know, i'm a big weeb so i don't really like LotR.
The show was very enjoyable for me, it didn't take itself seriously, most people would probably say it was shit.
I liked it a lot though.
136 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-31 17:53
Anime made from Swedish literature!
137 Name: Anonymous : 2014-03-28 02:41
I thought I would post it here, as I am not sure a general thread for visual novels would be interesting.

The Subarashiki Hibi translator released recently an unofficial 80% translation patch for it. It covers almost everything up to the middle of Jabberwocky 1. I'm in the middle of Invention right now, it's pretty spooky and great.

138 Name: Anonymous : 2014-03-30 20:52
Is Kill La Kill really that good? It just seems like another fanservice anime but now that it's done it seems like an easy Torrent.
139 Name: Anonymous : 2014-03-31 00:27
I had a lot of fun watching it, for what it's worth. The animation can get kind of iffy at times, you can definitely feel that it's not a high budget show, but it's very enjoyable. A lot of the jokes draw from older shows like Gunbuster, Mazinger and Getter Robo, etc. but even aside from the parodies it was pretty fun to watch. The fanservice gets a lot more subtle, or there's less of it, in the second half than in the first. I'd say it was probably one of the better shows of the season. If you like action-comedy shows give it a shot.
140 Name: Anonymous : 2014-03-31 05:25

I mean, there's fanservice, yeah, but it's not "pause every ten seconds to press the camera in the crotch of every female onscreen" or anything, it never gets in the way awkwardly. They just kind of soak everything in sex as part of what it is, I guess?

That aside, it's basically TTGL taken even more over the top. If you enjoyed that, you'll enjoy this.
141 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-01 15:58
I got curious about this one so I looked it up in the vn database and it picked my interest. Added to my wishlist. I guess I'll give it a try when the translation is 100%, I'm pretty busy currently.

I personally would like to see a general visual novel thread since I want to get more into them, but not sure if it would be interesting (or active) tho. Oh, and thanks for the link.
142 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-03 12:33
So what's everyone most looking forward to in Spring 2014?

JJBA and Mushishi particularly for me. A nice SOL to round things off and the season looks to be pretty good.
143 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-03 20:55
144 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-08 02:26
News: Knights of Sidonia has gotten an anime!
145 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-09 03:48
If it was Blame! or biomega, i'd be much, much, much happier. Sidonia is okay, but it's really a letdown, compared to Nihei's other works.
146 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-09 07:10
In what way was it a letdown?
147 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-09 09:01
Some Aria walls.
148 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-09 13:00
Art style, obligatory fanservice complete with nosebleeds, the Sidonia's Architecture is pretty lame compared to Blame!'s Megastructure or the... thing from Biomega.

Don't get me wrong, it's still really cool. I just like Blame!/Biomega and his shorts a lot more.
149 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-11 01:51
Thank you, these are now in my wallpaper cycle! Aria is such a visually stunning anime. I've had it for a while but decided to finally begin watching it because of this thread. It's very soothing.
150 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-12 06:57
Wait, Knights of Sidonia is actually taking place in the Biomega universe?? I just got to a chapter in the manga where Toha heavy industries is mentioned and many characters are wearing clothes with the Toha HI logo on it like it's normal! How significant is this? How does it work? In Biomega Earth has destroyed by the DRF using the seeds to recreate it, yet in Knights of Sidonia it get's split in half by the Gahna. It's too different! How is Toha HI here?
151 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-12 13:54
I'm definitely enjoying Ping Pong. Yuasa's colours and animation make the show fucking delicious. Where most anime limit angle animation, Yuasa's deformed/twisted faces and bodies make it possible to animate bodies and heads in a dynamic and three-dimensional way because the animators don't need to worry about looking realistic. Not needing to look realistic also means he was able to pick atypical but really really satisfying colours for the backgrounds (which also have really good textures while none (or little) of that common "unmoving plead" crap). The unrealistic art style almost makes me want to forgive the somewhat over-the-top scenes.

I thought about making one, but I lack the confidence that it would gain enough interest from the userbase... And I, myself, wouldn't be able to contribute to it meaningfully, considering I've read very few VNs.

It gets better! I prefer the manga, though. Much better art. but it doesn't have the magical OST.

Also I'm being a faggot about animation but I can't get past Sidonia's CGI. My only experience with the author is BLAME!, which I consider to be cyberpunk porn, and I'm entering Sidonia biased with similar expectations, so the CGI just disappoints me, so much.
152 Name: Anonymous : 2014-04-14 21:07
This confounds me, as well.
153 Name: Anonymous : 2014-06-13 19:58
This is a true story manga about a girls experience with the a-bomb at hiroshima.
154 Name: Anonymous : 2014-06-14 09:13
A very nice read. Thank you for posting that.
155 Name: Anonymous : 2014-07-12 06:20
I finally found a working torrent for fucking Sky Crawlers.
156 Name: Anonymous : 2014-07-13 05:40
>>155 Rule 34 rules all.
157 Name: Anonymous : 2014-07-29 05:42
Nichijou is honestly the best anime you can watch if you are ever having a bad day. Its wacky and classic humor....its unique, beautiful, and cute art style is guaranteed to make that dark rain cloud over your head drift away.

Everyday, I watch random episodes while I eat my lunch; fun times.
158 Name: Anonymous : 2014-08-01 01:08
Indeed. Makes me sad to think it didn't perform so well financially.
159 Name: Anonymous : 2014-08-01 05:24

It crushes my soul to think that there most likely won't be a second season :(
160 Name: Anonymous : 2014-08-03 12:03

Wow, this is amazing news! Tamayura holds a special place in my heart since it was what introduced and warmed me to iyashikei and Aria. And back when the original OVAs were released I never thought we would see this much Tamayura content. It is really a project of passion for Junichi Sato.
161 Name: Anonymous : 2014-08-10 20:00
RUMOR: Ghibli might be closing down due to low box office numbers.

162 Name: Anonymous : 2014-08-11 17:29
It appears that Miyazaki are contemplating making shorter pieces, while the studio will temporarily suspend its production of feature films.

163 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-05 23:54
I recently picked up Flip Flappers after originally passing on it at the beginning of the season. It's the most fun I've had watching anime in a while. The characters are great, it's mysterious about what exactly is going on without being annoying about it, and I love the way the dreamworld (or whatever) gimmick allows it to create a variety of situations. I hope the ending doesn't screw this one up, because it's a gem.
164 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-06 08:37
Dude, Flip Flappers is lowkey dark as hell man. I'm loving that show so much.
165 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-06 23:57
Yeah. I hope it stays low key. Nothing ruins that kind of vibe like rubbing your face in it.
The yuri ghosts (zombies?) last week were freaky as hell. I never thought a girls' school could be so scary.
166 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-07 07:15
Not seen it yet. You recommend it?
167 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-07 21:19
Flip Flappers? It's awesome. Check it out, man.
What are you watching this season?
168 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-08 00:28
I'm watching FLip Flappers but I've not seen Yuri Ghosts.

The only 'current' show this season I'm watching is Alderamin on the Sky.
169 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-08 03:49
The newest episode takes place in a spooky version of the all-girls school from every yuri manga ever.
170 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-08 04:02
I hadn't heard of Alderamin on the Sky, but it sounds pretty good. I'll check it out one of these days.
171 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-10 22:29
Koukou Kyuuji Zawa-san

Manga about a high-school girl on the boys' baseball team.
Reads like a series of vignettes about her and how people react to her.
Not a romance manga, or a comedy, or a typical sports manga.
Great art.
172 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-21 20:55
new Kotonoba Drive chapter finally arrived! it's the latest manga from Hitoshi Ashinano, you should check it out if you liked Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Kabu no Isaki
173 Name: Anonymous : 2016-11-25 14:19
I love Kotonoba Drive! I quit following the new releases at chapter 15, I'll have to get up to date soon.
174 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-01 10:43
I saw Kimi no Na wa in the cinema last weekend and really enjoyed it. I'd be hard pressed to say why that is, though; at least partly I think it captures the way that dreams fade in your thoughts really well. It was also good to see a beautiful Shinkai film that wasn't as soul-crushing as his usual ones!
175 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-07 07:33
Shinya Shokudou

Manga about japanese food and japanese people. It has a simplistic, distinctive artstyle that is more crude than artistic.

It's interesting to learn a bit more about japanese daily cuisine. It also has interesting stories about the people eating the food. Doesn't really have a plot, but some characters recur.
176 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-07 07:54
Thanks for the tip. Sounds a bit like Oishinbo, which I adore.
177 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-07 21:04
I love food manga, so I'll check that out.
One of my favorites is Wakako-Zake, about a single woman in her twenties going to bars and restaurants alone after work. There's also an anime and a live action show.
178 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-21 19:03

I read all of the manga named Groundless and it’s fucking great. If you think think otherwise then that’s okay, you’re just wrong.
179 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-23 10:29
After reading your recommendation, I went to read Wakako-Zake, and it's really good! Thanks for sharing.
180 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-26 00:20
I've been following that. I love it: you can't go wrong with a gritty tale about a militia. The MILF sniper only makes it better.
181 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-27 03:06
Thank you for these recommendations, both are excellent. I really need to mine this thread deeper.
182 Name: Anonymous : 2016-12-31 00:02
I finished Flip Flappers yesterday. I'm not quite sure what to think. I feel like it kind of lost steam the last few episodes, but that might just be me. I'll have to rewatch it in a year or so when I can do it in one go and really think about it.
183 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-06 21:28
Spring season is upon us! I'm really looking forward to the new Shouwa Genrouku Rakugou Shinju.
What new anime are you guys excited for?
184 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-08 16:24
I haven't watched anything the last season.
I watched the Sora No Woto stream last night, though I couldn't finish it because I fell asleep, I had fun.
At the same time it feels like a mistake, I feel existential about it again, like I want to escape real life, escapism isn't good for me.
185 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-09 14:50
i'm waiting for Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome in April
186 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-11 01:33
anime is gay.
187 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-11 22:43
I really, really need to continue watching Loli in Cheeseland. But I play too many video games.
188 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-14 12:03
Has anyone here ever watched Hakaba/GeGeGe no Kitaro?
189 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-16 04:08
I'm interested in sixties and seventies anime, so I'm planning to get around to it one of these days.
190 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-16 14:20
I've been watching Akage no Anne and Fushigi na Shima no Flone lately. Both highly recommended!
191 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-20 20:25
I saw all these .gifs flying around of a recent anime with a red haired royal woman of some kind who goes down into some engine room and takes off her armor to do some work on the engine and reveals that she's pretty strong. What is it from?
192 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-23 13:39
i googled 'muscular anime girl' and seems it's Yukina from Koutetsujou no Kabaneri
193 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-10 05:08
Maid Dragon is great, and not just because of the size of Lucoa's boobs.
194 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-10 05:08
Maid Dragon is great, and not just because of the size of Lucoa's boobs.
195 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-11 17:07
I've been watching Maid Dragon too, it is really sweet.
The animation is quite good too and Kobayashi is too lovely.
196 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-14 15:17
Everyone else seems to like the dragons, but Kobayashi-san is my new waifu.
197 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-14 17:49
i couldn't find anything interesting this season so i'm just chewing my backlog. still waiting for the new Yuasa movies
198 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-14 19:49
This season's kind of weak, I guess. That's cool, though. I have a backlog to work on, too. I am really enjoying Gabriel Dropout and Masamune-kune no Revenge, however.
199 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-17 21:06

200 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-18 15:50
Just finished the anime last week, that's great. The original novels were never fully translated, were they?
201 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-18 22:40
I'll have to check that out. I have fond memories of watching the anime with friends.
202 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-20 20:40
The Little Witch Academia series is fricking awesome. I loved the movies because they're so much fun, but this is on another level.
203 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-20 22:18
i liked the movies too but dropped the series in a middle of second episode because it felt like more of the exact same thing. does it get any better later on?
204 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-20 22:41
It spends a lot more time exploring the characters and setting, although I would like to learn more about some of the side characters. If you just weren't feeling it, it might not be for you. But it's still early in the show, and knowing Trigger, I expect it to get nuts.
205 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-24 00:15
What's that anime that has a gay witch that flys around on a gun instead of a broom?
206 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-24 21:39
Shuumatsu no Izetta.
It was okay.
207 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-03 01:39

I watched it! I just finished it a while ago. I feel like the ending could have been better but I liked it anyways.
208 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-03 07:24
I feel like the plot got a bit silly, but overall it's a fun show. I really enjoyed the yuri and the action scenes. The alternate history setting was very cool too.
209 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-03 21:07
Anybody else watch Kemono Friends? The animation was butt and I'm a little confused as to who the target audience was, but it's the most fun anime I've seen in a while.
210 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-16 23:52
I've been pleasantly surprised by Sakura Quest so far. It strikes a good balance between cute girls (and they are super cute) doing cute things and story/stakes for the characters. Plus, I'm sure the rural setting is gonna deliver some great scenery.
211 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-18 15:42
New season of Uchouten Kazoku is really comfy so far
212 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-18 19:36
That sounds really good; I should check it out.
213 Name: Anonymous : 2017-04-25 10:16
Tonight I started watching The Rose of Versailles. I'm really enjoying it so far; Antoinette's feud with Madame du Barry is awesome. Seventies anime is really cool because so many things were being tried for the first time. Even stuff I've seen a thousand times in newer shows can feel fresh and exciting.
214 Name: Anonymous : 2017-05-01 21:00
I really enjoy reading Ramen Daisuki Koizumi-san, but it always makes me hungry. It's fascinating learning about all the different kinds of ramen.
215 Name: Anonymous : 2017-05-06 21:53
I've read all of One Punch Man and Ajin and Groundless. Those ones are all either slow and ongoing and or on hiatus.
Last summer I read YKK and Kabu no Isaki and Mushishi. I've already read all of Blame! and Biomega because I love everything that author does. I've heard he was not yet finished Shidonia No Kishi but is also starting on something else.
216 Name: Anonymous : 2017-05-06 22:46
I really enjoyed the anime of OPM. How's the manga? I've thought about picking it up, but I'm already reading like 50 manga. I feel like I should finish some stuff first.
217 Name: Yabuki : 2017-05-21 09:56
I really enjoyed reading Fukumoto's manga, I love this dude's work. I've read Ten, Akagi, Kaiji, Zero and Strongest Man Kurosawa and so far, I think Strongest Man Kurosawa is the best. But not New Kurosawa, hobo adventures kinda suck.
218 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-05 18:15

I just read most of Gin to Kin, really enjoyed it up to the beginning of the horse racing arc. However, I still would recommend giving it a read if you are a fan of Fukumoto's work. I just started reading Kaiji, even though I saw the anime a long time ago. Akagi is the kind of manga I binge read like 50 chapters at a time.

What do you suggest I read next from Fukumoto?
219 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-11 03:28
I just finished Maid Dragon and I am blow away about it did not have the trope ending I thought it would. Wow! It was great! It was really cute and funny at times!
220 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-11 22:54
I passed on that show because it looked to me like tropey otaku-bait. If that's not the case, I might have to give it a try.
221 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-12 09:56
So does it have a proper ending? Like, is it a complete story on its own? I hate when an anime ends just when it starts getting interesting, and I have to read the manga.
222 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-13 00:03
That's exactly why I didn't watch it. I didn't want to waste my time watching a fanservice/fap-material only anime. But if >>219 says it's worth it, I might give it a try aswell.
223 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-15 09:10
Maid Dragon is not otaku bait at all, quite the opposite in fact! (I mean, it has its roots there but it is so much more than that.) It's about adult characters for once, and it uses the dragon stuff to tell a story about not feeling like you fit in with the rest of the world, and how it's still alright to be that way. It's very sweet.

It does tell a complete story, I'm not much of a manga reader so I'm satisfied with how the story ended.
224 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-15 09:27
That sounds really good! I'll probably watch it after I finish Macross.
225 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-17 11:49
Which Macross? I got into Macross with Delta (which I got into because I liked the songs a lot) and I've already seen SDF, Do You Remember Love and Plus, but I've been stuck on the first episodes of 7 for months now. I don't like it very much.
Maybe I should just skip it for the moment and watch all the side stories like Lovers Again and Zero.
226 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-17 23:02
The original series. I'm actually not super into it. Hikaru and Roy just seem like generic "hero" characters, and I hate Minmay. Hayase's okay. The Zentradi and their culture/protoculture thing is pretty fascinating to me though, and that's keeping me interested in the show.
How is Delta? I'm interested in watching more Macross in the future, and it would be cool to have some idea where to go next.
Are the various shows closely connected so they have to be watched in order or can I just pick one up that looks good?
227 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-18 00:14
Yeah, most of the characters in SDF are terrible, the only exceptions being Hayase and two other characters you'll meet later on.
All the Macross series are very loosely connected together; if you watch them all you'll get all the references to the other events in the series and the meta-plot about the protoculture and all that, but you don't have to do that to enjoy any of the series by itself.
You should watch Do You Remember Love even if it's a recap of the original series, it's probably one of the best anime movies ever and it also retcons a few things.
After that, if you want to follow the "main series" you should watch 7, then Frontier, then Delta. I don't think you should watch 7 though, I'm finding it boring and I really dislike the episodic format. I thought Delta was a lot of fun, but I've heard people complain that the characters were a bit shallow. I honestly didn't notice, I was having too much fun with the series and the music. Frontier is also apparently very good, I haven't seen it yet so I couldn't tell you what I think.
There's also Zero and Plus which are side stories about the mecha planes and don't touch upon the protoculture stuff a lot, though Plus is my favourite Macross thing so far.
228 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-18 08:35
I heard Do You Remember Love is one of the good recap movies, so I'm planning to see it at some point.
Does Delta have more idol stuff? Even though I don't like Minmay, I'm really enjoying the idea (if maybe not the execution) of a hybrid between mecha and idol anime. And I love the idea that music can be a force that changes the course of war.
I think the main reason I'm feeling so frustrated with SDF Macross is it has so many ideas that I love but it often doesn't manage to stick the landing.
229 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-18 13:01
Yes, Delta is about an idol group whose music can cure people from a disease that turns them into raging monsters, and can do a bunch of other things. The power of music thing is a big theme in Delta. It also has lots of mecha battles, so I think you're gonna enjoy it.
Frontier is similar too, from what I've heard.
230 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-18 22:15
delta has lots of battles
That sounds good to me. I've been really disappointed with the fights in SDF, although it's more because of the often bad animation than anything else.
an idol group whose music can cure people from a disease that turns them into raging monsters
So it's a cross between Love Live and 28 Days Later. That sounds awesome.
I'm reading on myanimaelist.net, and it sounds like Delta is a sequel to Frontier (which sounds like a sequel to SDF), so I'll probably watch Frontier next, then Delta.
231 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-19 16:40
The chronology of the series goes like:
Zero -> SDF/DYRL -> Flash Back 2012* -> Plus -> 7 -> Frontier -> Delta ---> Lovers Again
So Frontier is technically a sequel to 7.
*Flash Back 2012 is a huge music video mostly made out of scenes from SDF, but it has one or two minutes at the very end that tell what happened right after SDF.
Delta is not much like 28 Days Later; people only turn into monsters briefly, typically. The closest I can think of is probably AKB0048, which is another pretty good mecha/idol anime.
On that topic, don't watch Idolm@ster: Xenoglossia, even if it sounds vaguely interesting. I've had several people tell me that it's awful.
232 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-26 22:58
I just finished SDF Macross. As much as I was frustrated by the series, the ending was awesome. The last couple episodes leading up to the finale make it look like the succubus has successfully sunk her hooks into Hikaru, but at the end she grows some self-awareness and becomes (finally) likeable. Hayase's going to be the captain of her own ship, which is awesome. I wonder if Hikaru will go with her. Maybe he'll finally realize the joys of Christmas Cake.
Also, the last battle was pure hype. I think it tried to do too much, but on the whole, Macross is a good show. I'm just sorry I didn't see it younger when I was less jaded.

Idolm@ster: Xenoglossia
I hadn't heard of that, but the summary does indeed sound awful. And not the fun kind (I enjoy kuso-culture), but just excruciatingly dumb. So I'll probably give that a pass.
233 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-27 09:07
SDF was a very ambitious show for the time, and they ended up making a bit of a mess, as you can tell from the bits of very poor production sprinkled throughout the series. But yes, despite its flaws, I don't regret watching it one bit.
As for what happened later, I'll let the video speak for itself:
(This is the only part with new content from Flash Back 2012.)
234 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-29 10:43
I'm about three quarters thru Maid Dragon, and I'm really impressed. I was expecting a dumb comedy. It's quite the opposite, in fact (I mean it's smart, not that it isn't funny). I really love its portrayal of friendship between misfits, and I love how everything flows from the characters' personalities and their interactions. Quetzalcoatl is pretty much a walking, talking oppai joke, but I forgive her because she doesn't show up all that much.
Also, Kanna is pretty much the cutest thing ever.
235 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-30 08:41
Just finished. That's the hardest I've binged an anime in a while. Damn, that was great. I'm kind of sorry I missed Maid Dragon when it was airing, but better late than never. I loved Kobayashi defending her friendship with Tooru, and I loved Tooru staying with Kobayashi even though it will surely cause her pain at some point in the future. What a beautiful show.
236 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-26 08:29
Flying Witch is the easily comfiest thing I've watched since Non Non Biyori, though I wish there were more of the cafe episodes. The manga is apparently pretty good though, so time to pick that up!
237 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-26 20:03
Flying witch is great. The anime is very close to the manga, so if you like one you'll like the other. I might like the anime a little more for its music, but the manga has so many fun things the anime didn't include.
238 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-28 12:47
I finished the second season of Saekano yesterday, I decided to watch one episode and ended up binging all of it after remembering how much I loved this series, and I think it improved a lot over the first season.
It might look like one of those braindead harem shows that you see all the time, and it definitely has lots of those clichés and the stereotypical characters, but at the same time it's very self-aware and openly mocks these antics, and it does so in a funny and not annoying way. Part of this is because of Megumi; she's such a weird character in this context that she turns the show on its head, and she undergoes an amazing development. (I still like Eriri best though!)
And under the harem façade there's a story about characters growing up and being passionate about creating something, which is something I really love.
239 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-28 22:03
Made In Abyss is really good so far. It' cool to see a fantasy anime that isn't the usual Dungeons & Dragons derivative. And the scenery is gorgeous.

I've been meaning to watch that.

braindead harem shows
I don't have anything against harem series per se, but a lot of them seem to get boring long before they're over.
240 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-29 01:36
I love the verticality of the world in MIA, it reminds me a lot of (forgive me this comparison) Lordran from Dark Souls. The seamlesness of the gameworld and its verticality are the things that struck me the most about that game.

I've been meaning to watch that.
Do watch it! It's great fun, and I found it very moving at some points.
241 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-29 23:27
Do watch it!
I think I'm going to finish Cowboy Bebop soon, and then maybe I will. I'm also thinking about watching Oniisama E. It's been a while since I read it, but I really liked the manga. Riyoko Ikeda is one of my favorites.
242 Name: Anonymous : 2017-09-20 00:11
I'm finally getting around to KonoSuba. It's really not great, but it's fun. The part where they keep getting swallowed by the giant toads is hilarious.
243 Name: Anonymous : 2017-09-21 20:54
The sudden animation quality drop in season 2 just adds to it, really!
244 Name: Anonymous : 2017-09-21 21:50
The animation in season 1 is pretty solid so far, but the art seems rather wonky from time to time. I'm disappointed to hear the "quality" gets more pronounced. Mind you, the show's still better than I was expecting.
245 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-04 10:20
I feel like season 2 is all-around worse than season 1, which is weird because it's pretty much just more of the same.
246 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-09 19:44
I finished Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita and thoroughly recommend it, a cozy apocalypse crossed with the sense of humour of Sayonara, Zetsubou Sensei and finished with a really bright and cheerful visual style. It's got the best female protagonist I've seen in anime for ages.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou is airing this season, so I'm heading straight into watching that. The first episode was really nice. It's cutely sombre, and I've seen the manga described as somewhere in between YKK and Sora no Woto. The atmosphere and foley work in the first episode is done really well; it gives the feeling of watching snow fall on a grey day.
247 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-09 21:37
Jinrui wa Suitai Shimashita
I've been meaning to see that. Is it smarter than KonoSuba? I feel like I need some brain bleach after watching that.

Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou
AOTS right here. I love how it manages to be comfy and sad at the same time. The music is really good, too.
I hated when Yu pointed her gun at Chi at the end, though. I think it says a lot about the show that I already connected with the characters enough to be bothered by that.
248 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-10 10:13
Is it smarter than KonoSuba?
Definitely - the world is certainly still very slapstick (the "fairies" are something like posthuman pranksters) but the writing is much smarter. There's a lot of social & political satire in it. I started watching Jinrui straight after KonoSuba too and really enjoyed it, so maybe it'll work for you too!

when Yu pointed her gun at Chi at the end
Yeah! That held for much longer than I was expecting, definitely more than a throwaway scene. I felt really worried when they were chatting about how much they had left in rations, too.
249 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-10 21:14
I felt really worried when they were chatting about how much they had left in rations
I think the manga is still ongoing (I'm definitely going to have to read it), so I assume the anime will have an open-ended (non-)ending. That being said, I can't imagine the "real" ending being happy.

I started watching Jinrui straight after KonoSuba too and really enjoyed it
I'll probably jump into it then, after I catch up on the new Fall shows I want to see.
250 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-11 13:41
Talking about the new season, what do you think of the new Kino?
I like her new design, but I've heard lots of people who were put off by it, and I love Aoi Yuuki but maybe her voice is a bit too high-pitched for Kino. I'm not bothered by it though.
Other than that, what's your favourite show so far?
Mine's definitely Mahoutsukai no Yome. I love the atmosphere, the characters, the artstyle, and probably most of all the music.
251 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-11 19:55
I'm reading the new Kino manga, but I haven't seen the new anime. Is it following the manga or is it a different story?
My favorite new show is easily Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou. I was pleasantly surprised by Blend S, and the new seasons of Love Live and Osomatsu-San have been pretty great so far.

I started Jinrui last night. The art-style's pretty strange but I enjoyed the first episode. It was funny and it set up an interesting world. I can't wait to where it goes.
The Fairies kind of remind me of the Tachikoma from Ghost in the Shell.
252 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-12 11:00
I thought Blend S was really fun too, I'm looking forward to see more of it, but I thought it would be most likely worth watching since I saw it on the new season chart.
I was pleasantly surprised by Net-juu no Susume and Houseki no Kuni. I thought the former would be your run-of-the-mill show about NEETs playing online games (there seems to be a lot of those nowadays), but the main character is very nice and pleasant and actually acts like a human being, which is something you don't see very often.
I was curious about Houseki no Kuni from the PV, but I was kind of put off by the visual style. I still don't like the visuals much (especially the backgrounds-- all you see in the first episode are empty, sterile rooms and empty green pastures) but they gave it a fun and interesting main character, and now I really want to see where the story goes off next. The thing about the moon people coming to break the crystal people and use them as jewels is borderline body horror, but it makes you want to keep watching. Also, Phos' faces are great, whoever's animating this knows their stuff about 3D.

Jinrui's one of my favourite shows, I hope you enjoy it!
253 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-12 19:15
Net-juu no Susume
The first episode was pretty good and I'm gonna keep watching, but I would rather see more about her real life then her game life. I really like the main character too, though.

Blend S
I was expecting a pleasant but forgettable slice of life show, but it's pretty funny with interesting characters. I liked watching them go in and out of their cafe personas.

I watched most of it last night after work. The non-linear structure makes it really fun to figure out the story as you're watching. I especially love the way bizarre (magical?) occurrences are treated matter-of-factually by the characters once they have an explanation, even though the explanation is usually nuts (her hair bent the bars!).
254 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-14 19:29
but I would rather see more about her real life then her game life.
I doubt she has much of a real life outside the game though!
255 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-14 21:15
True. But I've already seen several MMO-inspired fantasy anime. I kind of want a show about a game addict going to the convenience store.
256 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-14 22:29
I'm pleasantly surprised by how much I'm enjoying the new Love Live. I loved the original series, but the first season of Sunshine felt like a haphazard retread to me. It's really great to see the show finally exploring the characters and their relationships with each other.
257 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-15 08:39
I think the RL bits are just gonna increase as we go on. The anime is definitely not about what's in the game, it just spent the whole first ep inside it to set up the characters.
258 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-15 09:36
I just finished the second episode, And I'm super-excited to see where this is going. Can love between a regular person and an elite NEET ever work out?
Moriko actually fascinates me. She had an (apparently) successful normal life, and she rejected it to become a net-addict hikki. I hope the show digs into her past as it progresses.
259 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-19 22:47
I think it was pretty obvious from the beginning of the first episode, the OP and that nightmare she had in the second ep that she didn't like being a salaryman (salarywoman?) at all, and that she gave up on a normal life because she couldn't take it anymore.
But I haven't read the source material, so these are just shots in the dark. I can't wait to see what happens next.
260 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-25 03:44
Yeah, she clearly hated her job. But lots of people hate their jobs. Why was Moriko's job so bad? Was she bullied? Is she introverted to such an extent that she can't deal with people? Also, how does she afford being a NEET?
261 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-26 07:38
I picked up Net-juu due to this thread and I'm really enjoying it; it's the most adorable romance I've seen in ages (fingers crossed it's not actually building up to some mistaken identity drama anime)!

Looked like a classic burnout type thing - desire to perform well leading to overtime leading to loss of social links? I got the impression she was just going on savings to be honest, it seems as if she was well paid in her previous job.
262 Name: Anonymous : 2017-10-27 06:09
Looked like a classic burnout type thing
We know she played an MMO in the past (before her job, I bet), so she's probably trying to recreate the last time she was content.
263 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-10 22:38
I just watched episode six of Kino. The original adaptation was great, but this is a bad show that seems to get worse with every episode. And I don't usually think of shows as bad, just mediocre at worst. I like her new character design though (it's not really new since it's much more closely based on the novels). And Yuuki Aoi is good, but when is that ever not the case?

For my favorite show this season I'd probably have to go to with Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko, with Houseki no Kuni a close second. It's underrated, and I think many people just dismiss it because it's 3D. I'm not really a fan of 3D either, but HnK looks very good. Here's one particularly good scene:

264 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-10 23:59
It makes me sad to hear the new Kino isn't good. I haven't been paying much attention, but it seems like it's been getting good reviews for the most part. I've been enjoying the new manga.
Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryouko is excellent. SoL and post-apocalypse seems like such a strange blending of genres; I can't believe how well it works.
265 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-11 18:02
Something I noticed about SSR is that the director, Takaharu Ozaki, has an extensive background in photography, which I think is unusual. Photography means compositing together all the visual elements of an anime and adding effects and whatnot, and sometimes this compositing doesn't work well in anime and makes it look like the characters are (unintentionally) detached from the backgrounds. It's also greatly affected by art and color design. SSR doesn't have this problem at all, as the characters blend in really well with the backgrounds. It's Ozaki's first time as series director.
266 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-14 18:03
Amanchu S2! That's bit of a surprise; didn't think the first season really did well enough to succeed. Guess Amano's name pulled it through.
267 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-17 23:09
I had to drop Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou. This week's episode is just that bad. Very unfortunate.
268 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-18 00:40
I really enjoyed it. What didn't you like about it?
269 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-18 01:00
The conveyor belt scene was mind-boggling out of character insanity. I dropped the show immediately.
270 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-18 22:47
Yu pointed her gun at Chi and stole her food in the first episode. I don't have a problem believing that she'd endanger Chi's life for a laugh. I'm pretty sure Yu's fucked in the head.
All things considered, I think it was a pretty standard episode. A little bit funny, a little bit sad. It was really cute to see Yu taking care of Chi while they walked across the big pipe.
271 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-19 01:24
She was never going to shoot and the point of the scene was to illustrate the concept of war. It's not the same as this.
272 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-19 23:31
She probably wasn't going to let her get chewed up by the potato-mashing machine either.
Does it bother you because it was just a dumb joke with no deeper meaning?
273 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-21 08:40
I need a new sophisticated and mature seinen manga serial that is still publishing, any recommendations? TL not necessary unless its really arcane.
274 Name: Anonymous : 2017-11-26 07:02
Houseki no Kuni just keeps getting better and better and I can't wait for next week's episode. It's overwhelmingly the best show this season (as far as I'm concerned), and perhaps the best looking one as well.
275 Name: Anonymous : 2017-12-25 20:12
Yurucamp is a good read. It's a v. comfy manga about camping, but more in the microadventure sense than the hiking way.

There's an anime adaption airing in a couple of weeks, but you could get through the scanlated chapters in an hour or so. The scanlations have a little map of where they went and a travel guide at the end of the chapters too, which really helps cement the landscapes.
276 Name: Anonymous : 2017-12-25 23:00
That sounds really good. I'm adding it to my list.
277 Name: Anonymous : 2017-12-26 16:53
I recently finished Oniisama e. It's a very good yuri anime with a beautiful charadesign.
278 Name: Anonymous : 2017-12-26 23:14
I loved the manga and I've been meaning to see the anime. I know it was made like twenty years later, so I imagine it's pretty different.
279 Name: Anonymous : 2017-12-27 12:11
The manga is very short compared to the anime. You should watch it. The original arcs are also nice but sadly, some events that were in the manga are quite different/censored.
280 Name: Anonymous : 2017-12-27 21:40
some events that were in the manga are quite different/censored
I'm not surprised. It's been a while since I read it, but I remember it having some things I can't imagine would have been allowed in a shoujo anime in the Nineties.
Plus the gap between the manga being published and the anime being released probably means some things were changed to reflect a more "modern" setting.
281 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-11 21:31
Yuru Camp is the comfiest thing since Flying Witch.
282 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-12 20:33
There's only one thing bothering me with Yuru Camp. How can she just sit there, facing Mount Fuji, and resist the urge to climb it? What's the point of going out camping if you are just going to read books?
283 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-13 00:19
Maybe she likes camping for the quiet and solitude more than for goofing around in the outdoors.
284 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-15 18:15
Hiking and mountaineering is fun, but just being outdoors is nice too. Plenty of people who car-camp around the world.
285 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-15 22:58
It's too bad, though - have you seen the pictures of the actual campground? Soo many people everywhere. I wonder how hard it is to really get a good sense of solitude in a country with such a high population density.
In any case, I'm excited for the show. I went back and watched Yama no Susume but wasn't as impressed by it. I guess I was expecting a bigger focus on the outdoors than I felt there actually was.
286 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-16 03:45
Yosuga no Sora is the greatest and purest anime that exists.
287 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-16 09:37
I think Japan is slightly odd as an extremely mountainous island - since most of the mountainous region is unlivable, you end up with bimodal population densities. Very high in the coastal cities, very low in the rural regions and mountains. Here's a blog I follow about mountaineering there, to give you an idea of what's available there: https://www.i-cjw.com/
288 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-16 20:31
"Sora yori mo Tooi Basho" is great. Everything from the screenplay to the animation seems perfectly executed. It's now on three insert songs for three episodes, too.
289 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-18 21:44
That show is a joy to watch. It looks great, it sounds great, and I love the characters.
290 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-20 15:58
I'm watching Nagasarete Airantou and I'm having lots of fun! It's got a great setting, every character is likable (including the main character), and the gags are funny. It's as good a love comedy as it could get.
291 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-21 05:16
gonna watch spice and wolf for the first time
292 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-21 10:45
What's everyone's thoughts on Dragon Ball Super ending? I figured it'd be quite a bit longer.
293 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-25 17:27
She said she goes at winter because there's less people.
294 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-28 22:58
I'm really starting to come around on Pop Team Epic. At first, I thought it was basically shitposting in anime form. I still believe that, but I'm starting to think it's pretty funny.
I picked up the manga last night, and it's hilarious. Some of the jokes I've already seen on TV landed a lot better, I felt, because of the shortness and simplicity of the 4-koma format.
295 Name: Anonymous : 2018-01-29 21:21
I watched the first movies and never really cared about it much; around september last year i saw some people were uploading it on youtube so i decided to subscribe, the channel ended up banned though.
For me it is good that it's ending because what makes me want to watch is the curiosity about how it will end but i suppose people who actually like Dragon Ball are disappointed.
296 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-05 12:32
This season I've been watching poptepepicu, darling in the fanxx, Yuru Camp, and Mitsuboshi Colors.
I dropped citrus, not really my thing. Poptepepicu is pretty good, it's not in itself the best thing in the world but the fact that it exists is good. Darfranxx had me hyped but it's not really living up to my expectations. The animation is really nice though. Yuru Camp is probably my favourite show of the season, it's super comfy and nice, I like that it's more laid back than most cute girl shows. Colors is also very cute and nice, but it's a little strange.
I'm also watching katanagatari, I like it, but I think nisioisin's writing works better with the crazy directing of monogatari so there's more visual interest while the characters are talking. I still like the show though.
Finally I'm watching texhnolize, I heard it described as "so good it's bad", and I would agree. It's so good at presenting absolute nihilism and desperation that it's hard to watch. But I love it.
297 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-07 00:33
Yuru Camp and Mitsuboshi Colors are probably my favorite shows this season, after the new Cardcaptor Sakura. Darling in the Franxx is keeping my interest, but it hasn't wowed me.
I like Citrus but it's honestly kind of trash. I'll probably read the manga after the anime finishes.
I like the manga of Pop Team Epic a lot better than the anime, but as you said, it's kind of awesome it got an anime at all. I think it would have been better as a four or five minute short than a full length show.
Texhnolize is by the creator of Serial Experiments Lain, isn't it? I may have to check that out one of these days; Lain is one of my all-time favorite anime.
298 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-09 19:55
Should I watch Yuru Camp?
299 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-10 00:04
Do you like comfy shows about cute girls doing cute outdoors things?
If you do, you should absolutely watch Yuru Camp.
It's similar to Yama no Susume, if you liked that.
300 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-10 23:08
I should really watch sakura.
I agree that the manga of peptepepicu is better than the anime.
It is by the same creators as Lain, which is also one of my favourite shows. It's slower than lain and not quite as aesthetic, but still really cool.
It's not for everyone, I'd say watch the first episode or two and see what you think, it's very tonally consistent
301 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-11 15:35
Hakumei to Mikochi is peak comfy this season, last episode was great. I hope the adaptation will make it to the turf wars arc
302 Name: Anonymous : 2018-02-28 04:23
It is really comfortable to watch, the voice acting isn't cringeworthy like most moe animes nowadays, there's no fanservice at all (except for the bath scene on episode 5) and it's literally, as >>299 said, cute girls doing cute outdoors things.

Hakumei to Mikochi and Yuru Camp are the comfiest animes of this season.
I prefer Yuru Camp over HtM, it is really a great anime and I'd risk naming it AOTS.
303 Name: Anonymous : 2018-03-18 05:34
I'd like to read manga, but I dislike those manga reader websites and would prefer to download the archive files to read them on my tablet. Are there any sites with on-going manga available for download? I've heard of madokami, but have no idea how to get an account.
304 Name: Anonymous : 2018-03-18 05:55
Use a manga reading app. They are basically image viewers that use manga reading sites as sources. Most of them also let you download chapters. The best on for Android is Tachiyomi.
305 Name: Anonymous : 2018-03-18 07:44
I love it, thank you.
306 Name: Anonymous : 2018-03-18 08:29
My anime of the season (and probably the year) is Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Hen. Yuru Camp is more or less tied with Sora yori mo Tooi Basho and Pop Team Epic for runner-up.
I haven't seen Hakumei to Mikochi; I remember looking it up and deciding I'd rather read the manga. I'll get to it one of these days.
307 Name: Anonymous : 2018-03-22 19:09
HakuMiko is a faithful adaptation and covers most of the material. You should definitely read the manga at a nice pace
308 Name: Anonymous : 2018-03-23 11:39
I really enjoyed Yuru Camp, I'm going to miss the Outclub.
309 Name: Anonymous : 2018-03-23 20:21
That was comfy. I'm going to miss coming home from work and watching it.
310 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-09 11:06
I just watched the first episode of Cutie Honey Universe. I enjoyed it and liked how it incorporates some ideas from the original manga while adding new elements. That being said, the fights could be better, I think, and I'm not sure why they didn't use the original theme song.
311 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-18 05:36
It's almost 2 decades late, but I've started watching Azumanga Daioh. These old-school animus have this wild charm of their own - not much in the way of CG, but still quite fun to watch through.
312 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-18 05:40
I actually really like the way older anime looks; new ones are often too perfect and clean looking.
I think it's been over ten years since I saw Azumanga Daioh. The manga is one of my favorites and I re-read it from time to time.
313 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-19 01:54
The manga is great. So many subtle gags that get overlooked/toned down in the anime get their time to shine there.
314 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-19 13:09
Ive been reccomended comic girls. Does anyone have an opinion on it?
315 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-20 03:47
It's pretty good. Fairly standard CGDCT about teenage mangaka living together in a dorm provided by their publisher.
I used to read the manga, and I'm enjoying the anime so far.
316 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-20 08:13
It's pretty ehh, but it's one of the few CGDCT this season so if you're into that it's worth a watch. Just feels like a budget Hidamari Sketch/New Game mixup. Nice VA and animation work though.
317 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-28 06:59
nice VA and animation work though
I'm really (pleasantly) surprised at how well-made Comic Girls is, for what is (as you say) a pretty standard slice of life show based on a fairly mediocre manga. They probably could have cheaped the heck out of it and no one would have complained.
319 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-29 10:43
Fuck off.
320 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-29 15:24

Seconded, but don't feed the troll.
322 Name: Anonymous : 2018-04-29 17:13
Gonna give Yama no Susume a try, will report back with findings. Short anime is pretty niche, but I really enjoyed Di Gi Charat back in the day.
323 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-03 07:36
Speaking of short anime.
324 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-03 09:25
Speaking more of short anime, I'm really enjoying Seizei Ganbarre Mahou Shoujo Kurumi. It's the absolute dumbest shit, and the animation's terrible, but it's pretty funny.
325 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-03 12:24
I suck and fuck man ass
326 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-03 12:24
I fuck and suck man ass
327 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-04 08:54
I suck and fuck man ass
328 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-04 19:27
Are you actually 12?
329 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-06 14:45
They got triggered, just smile and wave.

Also, I've started reading Yotsuba&!
330 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-06 18:48
I suck and fuck man ass
331 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-06 18:48
I fuck and suck man ass
332 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-06 19:54
Very good manga choice friend. By far my favorite from what I've read, which is admittedly not that much, but it's great. It's just so cute and nice. Almost makes me wish I had a daughter.
333 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-09 23:51
I really like comic girls this season. Kaos-chan is too cute!
Also recently watched mysterious girlfriend X which was much better than I was expecting it to be, although still kind of strange and surprising lewd at times. Worth watching though for sure.
334 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-10 10:21
I think Comic Girls is the best CGDCT I've seen in a while. The characters are super cute, and their problems are relatable as well as funny. And I continue to be amazed at how well animated it is.
335 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-12 04:47
Comic Girls is completely adorable. I love Kaos-chan. And I love Koyume and Tsubasa. I hope they keep developing that or episode 5 will feel a little bit random. Unless that was just supposed to be a "you can do it, Koyume!" kind of episode.
336 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-13 10:28
I recently re-watched it with a friend, I just love it. Can't wait for the new season!
337 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-16 08:14
Did anyone else watch Karaki Jouzu no Takagi-san? It's surprisingly fun to watch given its predictability. Or maybe even because of it.
338 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-16 20:36
That was a really cute and sweet show. I don't think a romantic slice of life show like that really needs to be surprising.
339 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-19 06:57
I just started Suite Precure, and I'm having a really good time with it so far. It kind of seems to have a bad rap; I assume that's because it came out right after Heartcatch.
340 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-22 00:32
Apologies if this isn't the best place to post this, but can anyone give me some anime recommendations? I have not really watched anime in a while and I'm completely in the dark on what good shows are airing this season. Any suggestions?
341 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-22 03:14
I'm not sure what kind of anime you enjoy, but my favorite current shows are:
•Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Hen
•Comic Girls
•Golden Kamuy
•Seizei Ganbare! Mahou Shoujo Kurumi
Darling in the Franxx and the new Captain Tsubasa are pretty good, but your mileage may vary.
342 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-22 03:15
Sure, what sort of anime do you prefer to watch?
343 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-22 15:53
fuck I just realized I need to finish Casshern Sins and Now and Then Here and There
Haven't been watching anime seriously since this year began
344 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-23 00:42

Ever since I saw this picture, I've been looking around for Komi-san wa Komyushou Desu. It looks like something I would enjoy, but I can't find it for procurement anywhere. No official translations on amazon, can't find any download through mega, torrents, or irc outside of the oneshot. Online reader sites have the rest of the volumes, but I prefer a local zip/rar file. Usually scanlators have websites or blogs where they post download links, but I haven't been able to find anything.

It is so frustrating since this seems so enjoyable.
345 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-23 07:28
I figured that would bait someone in to reading it! It's a really heartwarming series, and very funny.

Yeah, it's a pain - Underdog used to be the scanlators but they went defunct, taking down their website. "Komi-scan wa Komyusho desu" are the current TLs but with the death of Batoto they only upload on MangaDex, no site of their own.

If you're looking for rars, this seems to have most of the older chapters: https://archive.org/details/manga_Komi-san_wa_Komyushou_Desu.
346 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-23 13:44
Thanks for the archive site. For the rest of the series, I'll use a scraper for mangadex.
347 Name: Anonymous : 2018-05-30 13:37
Started watching it today. What do I think of it so far?

"As the episode ended, I realized I was smiling."
348 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-08 02:09
I've been watching the new season of full metal panic.
things are starting to heat up.
349 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-10 08:04
Golden Kamui is very very good!
350 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-13 03:32
The animation's a bit cheap and goofy-looking, but everything else about the show is fantastic. I am, however, a little worried about how they're going to wrap it up now that it's nearly over.
Also, Asirpa is cute!
351 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-16 23:51
Di Gi Charat, now there's a name I haven't heard in a decade. Gonna go check it out, see if I can acquire some episodes.
352 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-20 03:59
I finished GochiUsa yesterday and I was wondering if there are other animes with towns like that, since GochiUsa's town is based on a real town (Colmar, France); if so, could you guys name them?
See →/888/8.png
353 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-20 13:00
The town in So Ra No Wo To is Cuenca, Spain.
Kiki's Delivery Service is mostly components of Stockholm & Visby, but there's not much directly based on them.

Most of the English scenes in Kiniro Mosaic are taken directly from various locations in the Cotswolds. The interiors are even from one house: https://www.otakunews.com/Article/2085/on-location-at-fosse-farm-alice-cartalets-house-from-kinmoza

Little Witch Academia is largely an amalgamation of southern England, but Avebury is a fair match for the "location ambience", and there's even a picture of St Michael's Line at one point, pinning Luna Nova Academy as just south of Bristol. →/889/5btq9cq9jq8y.jpg

I can't really think of many that have other timber-framed towns like Colmar that aren't fantasy though - it's a fairly common style for that. This site is great for real life location comparisons, it's a hobby for the owner of the blog http://mikehattsu.blogspot.com/

GochiUsa is a very cute show!
354 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-22 02:24
Gosh, this blog is awesome. Thank you, anon!
355 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-22 02:55
I can't really think of many that have other timber-framed towns like Colmar
I found out there are two other towns in Alsace (region where Colmar is located) that look like Colmar: Riquewihr (→/890/1a.jpg) and Ribeauvillé (→/891/2a.jpg). Alsace is located in Eastern France and borders Germany and Switzerland, seems like a nice place.
356 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-22 02:57
Fixed it.
357 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-22 18:11
Watching DRR!

About halfway through X2, loving it.

Had watched the original season when it aired but never got around to the second.
358 Name: Anonymous : 2018-06-25 05:29
I burnt through the 6 episode OVA for Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu today and boy, was that a roller coaster.
It felt rushed, like if I was skipping entire episodes between scenes. I heard somewhere that the LN it was based off started the LN boom in the mid 2000s, so maybe the source material is better and this was just a bad adaptation. What a shame, too. It started off so strong and absolutely fell apart around midway through.
359 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-02 21:43
I hate to be that person, but a lot of anime is racist and sexist. Darling in the Franxx is right-wing propaganda, for example. I'm not making it up. Google it. I'm not doing your research for you though. You can do that on your own.

People of color are sorely lacking from anime. Women are depicted without agency, which is sexist. That's why neckbeards like anime.

Anime needs to change much in the same way the video game industry has changed. We need cultural changes and actual representation. But not tokenization.

I know your knee-jerk reaction might be to reject my claims, because you'd rather pretend that all is well, but you know I'm right.
360 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-03 17:22

It's really cute, and the story wraps up nicely within the 5 volumes that were published. Not often you find completed romance manga.
361 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-03 19:28
Nah, you're just being a tyrannical fascist who wants to push your (very inferior) culture on others.
362 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-03 19:29
Watching Flying Witch right now. Another weapons-grade comfy anime!
363 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-03 20:12
Flying Witch is great, the OP is brilliantly catchy. Apparently the anime followed the manga well, so you can take that up if you want more comf. >>237
The bonus track on the album is nice too: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQ0Cd7atiW4

Please don't respond to the troll.
364 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-04 00:07
That same author recently finished another very cute series called Madoromi-chan ga Iku. It isn't romance if that's something you're particularly looking for, but it's short and worth a read if you want something lighthearted and fun. Between Madoromi-chan and Ookami Shounen, I can't wait to see what this guy comes out with next.

On the topic of romance manga, I finished one called Kanojo wa Rokurokubi recently. It was really enjoyable, though it apparently got cancelled and has a very sudden ending. I need more cute romance manga like it in my life.
365 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-04 17:34
Everyone who isn't exactly like you is a troll. I hate this modern attitude.

You know how social media recommends videos, pages, accounts, etc that are related to your interests? And you know how google search results are custom-tailored to you, based on what google knows about you? I think this has led to people being in echo chambers for too long, so you think anyone who sees the world in a different way is a "troll" or something, which is dumb.

Understand that people are not all the same, and people can have very legitimate reasons for coming to different conclusions than you.

Dismissing people as "trolls" is ignorant and lazy. Instead, you can try to see things from someone else's perspective.

Anime objectifies women. It's not just about the oversexualization, since many feminists are sex-positive now, instead of being anti-sex. But it's sexist and objectifying in the sense that many female anime characters lack agency. I think many weeaboos like asian women and anime because of the stereotypically weak portrayals of women. You don't like women who stand up for themselves. You don't like strong women who don't want traditional gender roles. Weeaboos prefer the timid, weak, obedient, sidekick-style woman who is merely an accessory for a male protagonist. Additionally, anime's lack of diversity is striking, but it's also a reflection of the lack of proper multiculturalism in Japan too. This will have to change over time, since their birth rates are dropping off.

You can either try and understand other people, or you can just continue to be dismissive and call everyone who isn't a carbon copy of you a troll. Your choice. Are you going to continue to be close-minded, or will you listen to what other people have to say?
366 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-05 00:52
The entire subgenre of "cute girls doing cute things" is so emblematic of this problem.

And not only that, they tend to have cheap and uninspired animation (even by anime standards).
367 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-05 12:11
Watching Azumanga Daioh after 10 years. The CD-R quality leaves something to be desired, but hey; a spectacular classic.
368 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-09 09:53
The new season of Yama no Susume is off to a good start. We've been spoilt for outdoors series the past couple of seasons with Yuru Camp and Sora Yori, but YnS falls really nicely between the two - comfy, but still good character development.
369 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-10 20:01
I'm waiting for the Asenshi subs for it, should I just watch what's already out?
370 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-12 21:07
For those of you who keep up with seasonal anime, what have you picked up this season? What are you excited to watch?

Out of everything I've tried watching so far, I'm most excited for Planet With. It's an original work by Satoshi Mizukami, who did Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, Sengoku Youko and Spirit Circle. Apparently he's been working on the show's concept for four years now, and there's over a thousand pages of manga storyboards for it. It's a bit odd to see Mizukami's stuff animated, but I'm very excited for more of it.
371 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-13 10:09
So far, I'm really enjoying Yama no Susume 3. Hanebado and Asobi Asobase are pretty good too, and I'm going to keep watching Shinya Tensai Bakabon and see if it gets better.
I'm also looking forward to Happy Sugar Life and Hi Score Girl, as I enjoy both manga.
372 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-18 01:23
Sunohara-sou's a pretty nice surprise. I was expecting a dumb ecchi show, but it's rather sweet.
373 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-23 08:58
I've picked up Yama no Susume and Asobi Asobase. Both are great anime, especially Asobi Asobase, since it caught me off guard.
Is Hanebado worth giving a try?
374 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-23 10:05
Asobi Asobase is hilarious. I feel like I laugh a little harder every episode. I love the faces.

Hanebado's a pretty standard sports anime (albeit with fairly high production values). If you enjoy sports anime, it should be right up your alley.
375 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-25 11:27
I'll check it out, then. Thank you!
376 Name: Anonymous : 2018-07-25 21:46
Thank you >>374, very cool!
377 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-01 10:20
Harukana Receive is this season's guilty pleasure. Every episode is a beach episode!
378 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-01 12:44
What about a pool episode?
379 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-01 20:28
I hope they have one.
380 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-05 23:17
Just finished Golden Time, had a great time watching it. I recommend to everyone that likes romance.
You have to be patient with Kouko, though. I promise you guys her personality gets better.
381 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-05 23:20
Just finished Golden Time, had a great time watching it. I recommend to everyone that likes romance.
You have to be patient with Kouko, though. I promise you guys her personality gets better.
382 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-05 23:21
Oops, posted it twice. Sorry for that.
383 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-07 23:11
I watched Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou today and realized that's the "YKK" you guys talk about. I didn't come from the "YKK-ARIA" imageboard so I had no clue what "YKK" stand for.
384 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-08 18:33
How was it?
385 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-08 23:36
Great! I wish there were more episodes, though.
386 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-27 00:12
Picked up Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight. It's pretty confusing at the beginning, but everything makes sense after watching the 3rd or 4th episode. I'm really enjoying it so far. Anyone else watching it?
387 Name: Anonymous : 2018-08-27 21:40
Finished reading +tic Neesan yesterday, halfway through Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko. Both are great, highly recommend.
388 Name: Anonymous : 2018-09-12 18:26
I'm watching Revue Starlight. It's probably my favorite show of the season so far. It has tons of Penguindrum/Utena vibes and I'm surprised it doesn't seem to be very popular this season. Maybe it's the idol vibes that scare people off.
389 Name: Anonymous : 2018-09-12 20:04
I think I'm going to give it a try, but probably not for a while; I'm watching a lot right now.
390 Name: Anonymous : 2018-09-27 22:04
Watched Chio-chan. It was good and it made me laugh several times, but I don't think it needed that amount of tits and panties. Aside from the fanservice, it was gold.
391 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-01 12:01
I just finished reading Peach Girl. The story was pretty melodramatic, but I really liked the characters and the art.
392 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-07 21:18
The new season has started. What are you all watching this time around?
393 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-07 22:07
I just watched the first episode of Gridman, which is definitely promising... not sure about the others, I'll probably wait and see what people recommend.
394 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-09 23:29
So far this season (based on one or two episodes), I'm enjoying Anima Yell (solid CGDCT), Akanesasu Shoujo, Golden Kamui 2 (loved the first despite the crappy animation), Uchi No Maid Ga Uzasugiru, and Yagate Kimi Ni Naru.
Himote House (Weird, crappy CG CGDCT from Ishidate) and Gaikotsu Shotenin Honda-san are both better than I was expecting. Ulysses kind of disappointed me.
395 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-10 18:41
Irozuku Sekai no Ashita Kara seems promising. I'm looking forward to Hinomaru Zumou, too.
396 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-11 10:32
Irozuku sounds pretty interesting; I wonder how I missed that when I made my list for Fall?

I initially passed over Starlight because I assumed it was an idol show. When I did watch it, I enjoyed it, but, I'm not sure what (if anything) it was supposed to mean. It did remind me of Utena, as you said, but it felt more like an homage than something that can stand by itself. It also reminded me a bit of Princess Tutu, probably because of the focus on singing and dancing.
On the whole, I think it's a fun show but fairly forgettable.
397 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-15 21:35
The surprise of the season for me has been Seishun Buta Yarou wa long LN title. It strongly reminds me of the Monogatari series in a really good way.

I'm not sure how to feel about Irozuku. It's a really pretty looking show but feels a little by the numbers. Even the premise reads like "normal high school boy meets mysterious transfer student girl" but backwards. The director also did Nagi no Asukara though and I really enjoyed that, so I'll stick with it for now.
398 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-16 03:06
I'm not sure how to feel about Irozuku.
Yeah, so far it's not grabbing me. It's not bad, but it seems pretty meh.
399 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-16 12:02
I just started Gridman; it's really fun. It reminds me of watching Power Ramgers as a kid.
400 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-20 09:58
I'm enjoying Yagate Kimi ni Naru, but I think AnoKiss would have been the better popular yuri manga to adapt into anime. Because it has a large cast (each with their own stories), you could animate as much, or as little, as you like and have a show that feels complete.
401 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-27 11:07
This autumn I re-watch my favorite anime all day long but also had a pleasure to watch Sangatsu no Lion for the first time since all blu-rays came out. Absolutely loved it and since the only rating for the anime I watch is the amount of emotions it gives to me, it became on of my favorites too.
Coming back to a re-watch topic, Mawaru Penguindrum is next despite seeing it many times before. Starting today. What did you re-watch recently, guys? Did you watch the anime that you wanted to start over right away after finishing it? Sorry for the mediocre English.
402 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-27 11:13
I'm about halfway thru a rewatch of Flip Flappers. I really liked it when it first aired, but I remember being kind of turned off by the last few episodes. I would love for this rewatch to change my mind.
Sangatsu no Lion is a damn good show.
403 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-27 11:31
I somehow missed Flip Flappers and now that you've mentioned it I will watch it. And to reply to my own question about starting right away I want to mention all four seasons of Hidamari Sketch because can easily watch in an infinite loop, just to start the day with one episode and to finish it with a couple.
Also didn't expect such quick reply, very glad to know that someone is here nowadays.
404 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-27 20:46
didn't expect such quick reply, very glad to know that someone is here nowadays
I usually check the Letterbox a couple times a day.

Hidamari Sketch looks like a nice show; I'll watch it one of these days.
405 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-28 14:13
I've been watching alien 9. It's really wierd, not good per say but still I would recomend watching it since it's only 4 episodes and worth the experience just on the strength of the uniqueness and artstyle. It ends on a cliffhanger since it stops half way through the second vollume of the manga, so if you like it read the manga which is also good.
hidamari sketch is really great, although imo the second and third seasons are better than the first.
406 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-29 03:12
I'm almost done with shojo shuumatsu
Im gonna binge the last four episodes tomorrow
Im not sure what to watch after. I dont like ridiculous shonen stuff and im not in the mood for fluff or comedy. I was thinking of kumo no mukou since I have it, or angels egg.
any recommendations?
407 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-29 15:51
I don't re-watch anime anymore because my backlog is so huge. I don't watch many anime so it keeps getting bigger.
But if I decide to do it, probably Lucky Star first because it's been a while and I miss Konata (=ω=.)
408 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-29 20:14
Maybe Haibane Renmei will fit right into your mood. Watch it if you didn't yet.
409 Name: Anonymous : 2018-10-31 03:29
That looks good
Thank you anon
410 Name: Anonymous : 2018-11-07 12:34
I'm loving Kaze ga Tsuyoku Fuiteiru. Every episode puts a smile on my face without me even realizing it.
I don't know what makes it so thrilling, but I highly recommend it.
411 Name: Anonymous : 2018-12-25 18:24
Watching this thread not getting replies for more than a month and not posting here myself was a bit sad.
Do you have something special to watch or re-watch during the upcoming New Year days?
412 Name: Anonymous : 2018-12-26 10:04
The Disappearence.
Tis a tradition.
413 Name: Anonymous : 2018-12-27 05:03
I kinda want to finish all those dozens of seasonal anime I got like 5 episodes or more into and then just never finished over the past four years.
Quite a few of them I got up to the last episode or two and then just never got around to finishing it like Hibike Euphonium or Akagami no Shirayukihime. Not to mention the new seasons of them.
I guess first on the list is Hanayamata, and most recent is Tonegawa-san or maybe Pokemon depending on how you look at it.
414 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-01 22:17
I rewatched Gunbuster and it's even better than I remembered it. I honestly think that it's an impeccable piece of art and no other anime comes close to it.
415 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-14 22:25
Boogiepop wa Warawanai this season is surprisingly good. I never watched Boogiepop Phantom but my understanding is that this is covering the source material novels from the start so watching Phantom is unnecessary. The first episode of the new adaptation left me kind of unsure, but the first three episodes together are cohesive and fantastic. I'd recommend anyone interested in the series to burn through them all at once. If they continue covering a single novel every three episodes I might just wait between novel arcs to watch it. Treat it like a monthly release instead of a weekly one.
416 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-22 22:55
I've been meaning to watch the original. I'd love to hear from a fan how the new one stacks up; maybe I should be watching it instead.
417 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-24 03:32
You can safely skip Boogiepop Phantom. I watched it a few years ago. It had great music IIRC, but its easy to tell that the story they adapted was taken from the middle of things so it was quite confusing with little to no answers to questions that come up.

Boogiepop wa Warawanai is an adaptation starting from volume one of the source material. And feels very cohesive and well done. Questions get answers eventually, though the non linear nature might throw some people off, but that means a rewatch will be all the better. I would definitely recommend watching it.
418 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-24 05:10
Ah, neat. I'll give it a try then.
419 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-27 20:15
I started reading Dungeon Meshi and it's been an absolute blast so far. It's like /ck/ and /tg/ teamed up and made a manga.
420 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-30 21:36
I recently picked up 6 volumes of it and was really surprised by how nice it was. I love Senshi.
421 Name: Anonymous : 2019-01-31 10:24
Kotonoba Drive is so short. Just as I cuddled under it's warm and cozy blanket, it was over.
But it is sweet nevertheless.
422 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-02 15:35
I'm reading Super Cub at the moment. It's a really lovely, strangely melancholic manga about a abandoned girl who receives a Honda C90 and her experiences riding it.
If you're a rider then it'll be really nostalgic, as she stumbles into the same things every new rider does, but I think even if you're not it's worth a read.
Oddly, it's apparently actually commissioned by Honda as part of the celebrations for 100 million C90s having been manufactured but it doesn't feel at all like a tie-in.

423 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-04 03:18
I picked it up while it was going and had to wait forever for the last couple of chapters. I'm kind of glad because it made it seem longer.
424 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-17 00:35
Looks like AnoKiss is ending next chapter.
Too bad; that's my favorite ongoing yuri manga.
425 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-18 22:37
Really happy with how Mob Psycho season 2 is going so far.

Also SAO: Alicization is pretty good.
426 Name: Anonymous : 2019-02-25 07:02
Watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes lol
427 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-07 22:05
i can't say anything about its precedent, but postlabor 2 is good! beautiful art and animation, it makes a really compelling argument too. it's the kind of anime i'd recommend to someone who doesn't really watch anime.
428 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-08 16:44
Now I can't wait for them actually making a Postlabor anime.
429 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-15 01:36
Does anyone read Again!! By Mitsuro Kubo ? I’ve been following it since volume 3 came out

I agree it is pretty cool
430 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-16 00:24
Mob Psycho 100 is probably my new favorite anime thanks to season 2
431 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-16 10:35
Nainai no Onnanoko is about a girl who doesn't have friends. And family. And hobbies. Nothing, basically.
And then she gets an old motorcycle.
It's great.
432 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-16 12:55
surely it's unrelated but that made me think of Kino no Tabi
433 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-17 01:41
Heh, I too rewatch my favorite anime, but in the spring. It's basically my anime watching anniversary. Every March before April but after daylight savings, I start with my very first anime (and by that I mean the first anime in which I knew what an anime was) and then follow with my favorites from the past years. Incredibly cozy and autistic, I know.
434 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-17 08:17
We're of one mind.
435 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-20 00:56
The word "autistic" is a bit overused these days by kids trying to act cool, you know.
436 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-27 00:44
I'm finally getting around to Devilman Crybaby. It's pretty good. At first I was disappointed at the changes it makes from the manga, but the show grew on me after just a few episodes. I guess it would be silly to not change anything else after they already modernized the setting.
437 Name: Paperplane : 2019-03-27 09:51
I am a very picky consumer of any kind of series, show, video game or book because I don't have that much free time and wasting that to mediocre or even bad shows is not what I do. If a trailer, art style or the first episode don't sell, I'm very unlikely to watch/read/play the whole thing. Because of time constraints I will never ever pick up one of these long going series like Naruto or One Piece because I just can't keep up and don't want to sacrifice my limited watchtime to one or two shows.
That's why I prefer short (i.e. 1-3 seasons), high quality shows.
Because of these perquisites, I value SuperEyePatchEWolf on YouTube and his recommendations because his and my taste seem to match a lot and he filters through anime seasons for me and only recommends the best. Not that I exclusively watch everything he recommends but for me personally it's a valuable time saver. So most stuff I recently watched will stem from his recommendations. I guess hardcore weeaboos will call it "casual" but they'd be right, I just can't dedicate the time to watch everything that gets released, especially if it's the mediocre, forgettable stuff that drowns in the flood of each season. And I'm very rarely up to date since I don't actively check for what's new so it happens that I discover an old show years after its release (Samurai Champloo comes to mind)

With that out of the way, I really enjoyed Made in Abyss and Kaiji Ultimate Survivor recently. The first even that much that I bought the manga and me buying manga is really rare. Berserk was the single manga ruler in my bookshelf up until MiA came.

I liked the first one. Still need to check the 2nd one out someday.
438 Name: Anonymous : 2019-03-27 23:03
I thought Happy Sugar Life was really interesting, but I feel like it's premise rubs a lot of people the wrong way
439 Name: Anonymous : 2019-04-20 06:53
There seems to be a lot of ecchi this season. Not that I'm complaining, mind you. I really like Nande Koko ni Sensei ga.
Dumb smutty anime is my guilty pleasure.
440 Name: Anonymous : 2019-04-20 11:37
Lads my to watch/read list is getting larger by the day, what do read/watch first?
We’ve got your lie in april, future diary, serial experiments lain, eureka seven, five cm per second, the kara no kyoukai movies, and YKK. What would you do, anon?
441 Name: Anonymous : 2019-04-20 19:57
I recommend Lain, but only because it's my favorite anime.
442 Name: Anonymous : 2019-04-21 02:18
Yo that Carol and Tuesday anime looks really pretty.
443 Name: Anonymous : 2019-04-23 10:41

So I watched the first episode, man that was pretty funky. I’m still thinking about it rn.
444 Name: Anonymous : 2019-04-23 11:53
It gets much weirder. Taking your time and thinking about it is the best way to watch Lain.
445 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-04 08:26
Just caught up on this last night, brilliant so far.

Reminds me a lot of Sora yori mo Tooi Basho from last year - great style, great music, similar themes.
446 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-05 23:23
I was really looking forward to it because of the director (Watanabe) and I am enjoying it a lot.

I also really like this season in general. A lot of people would probably disagree but there are a lot of good shows to watch. My favorites so far are Kimetsu no Yaiba, Amazing Stranger ⅙, Carole and Tuesday, YU-NO and Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san. What suprised me the most was Kimetsu no Yaiba. I usually tend to dislike run of the mill shonen but Kimetsu no Yaiba is far from anything that I could dislike. Really loving it so far. The only anime that disappointed me a bit this season was Fairy Gone, PA Works' new original 2 cour anime. I really wanted it to be good but I couldn't watch more than the first episode. Maybe I'll give it another try once the season is over.
447 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-09 00:08
I'm really surprised at how much I'm enjoying YU-NO. I went into it expecting cheap ecchi trash, but it's pretty good. The story is keeping me interested.
448 Name: Niggero : 2019-05-10 01:27

I'm not too wild for this season, but Uzamaid was pretty great.
449 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-12 14:00
They announced a new season of Non Non Biyori!
The trailer is on the Local TV.
450 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-12 18:02
I hadn't seen the trailer, so thanks for posting it.
Non Non Biyori is one of my favorites. I'm super excited for more.
451 Name: Anonymous : 2019-05-12 22:46

obligatory nyanpasu
452 Name: Anonymous : 2019-07-18 16:02
453 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-12 04:23
Watching Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (Girls' Last Tour) and now I feel existential dread.
454 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-12 10:00
Wait tiil you finish the manga, heh.
455 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-12 10:35
I feel like the manga just makes explicit what the anime implies.
They're both great.
456 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-16 06:51
I have been enjoying a lot of older manga, the prequel manga to sailor moon has especially been a treat. Buddha is fun as well if not only for the juxtaposition of the serious, somewhat historic nature with very cartoonish visuals.
457 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-23 23:09
Sailor V? That's one of my favorites. I actually like it better than the manga of Sailor Moon. Takeuchi isn't very good at writing a large cast and making every character interesting.
458 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-27 01:39
As much as I love the anime, though, I've always felt it changes Minako and Rei's personalities (mostly) for the worse.
459 Name: Paperplane : 2019-08-27 06:48
I just recently finally got to watching EVA. I know, I know. It's been hyped for decades and I'm super late to the party but I just never had the time (i.e. I deemed other stuff more important).
Well what can I say. I am probably one of the few that doesn't have nostalgia goggles for this show since I just saw it a few weeks ago and I also feel like with 24 years I might be just a little older than the target audience since it's basically a coming of age story.

It's always interesting to finally consume such a mythical piece of pop culture after you've already heard so much, seen so many memes and everyone already talked it to death and beyond because you're inadvertently biased by all of this. So what's my verdict?

It was pretty good. I can totally see how it was so influential and I'm even kinda glad I didn't watch it 10 years ago because I can't imagine how much more emotional it would've been if I could've associated with Shinji even more. Even now the ending almost brought me to tears and the unconventional deconstruction of the characters was something I have never seen before.

I am not a very clever man so I can't tell about any potential metaphors for the whole biblical imagery/names and all the metaphors. There's probably tons of interpretations floating around already but I suppose the creators wanted everyone to make up their own mind. That's why I chose not to watch the movies or read any interpretations because I feel like the many unanswered questions the anime left behind are part of the magic. Especially since it's dawning on me that there might not even be a satisfying answer for most of them in the first place.
460 Name: Anonymous : 2019-08-27 10:14
I didn't see Evangelion until i was ~30, and as much as I enjoyed it I feel like I missed the boat. It totally seems like a teenage show. I think it could have changed my outlook on life if I'd seen it when I was still in high school.
461 Name: Paperplane : 2019-08-27 12:13
Yes, most themes aren't really relevant to adults anymore but I guess there's still plenty of adults left who need to learn about self acceptance.
462 Name: Anonymous : 2019-09-02 22:52
Healing anime is the best! NNB, Aria and Gochiusa are the only thing keeping me going in these trying times.
463 Name: Anonymous : 2019-09-04 00:23
I can barely watch anime/read manga anymore even though it is one of my passions. Every time something ends I feel a strong depression so I mostly just play older video games and browse the web these days.
Beck is something I can always rewatch.
464 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-09 22:34
Anyone else reading Fumetsu no Anata e? I binge-read most of it today. It's about an immortal being in a primitive/middle age society. It's kind of like the mangaka of Koe no Katachi's take on Spirit Circle meets Fire Punch or something.
I'm really enjoying it, actually, it seems like the perfect wish-fulfillment media that my younger self would have loved. But it doesn't devolve into the lazy harem stereotypes that most isekai type stuff does, if anything I'd say it's closer to a shonen manga in its tropes. Although, it's kind of full of plotholes and the pacing is a bit off.
But the emotional impact allows it to pull through, I think. Compared to Koe no Katachi, I think it's just as touching at times, although it does have some similar issues of pacing.
465 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-10 22:26
I haven't really been into anime for a few years now, and I doubt I'll ever enjoy it like I did when I was a teen. That said, whenever I find a really obscure show that I'm desperately interested in, and can't find any subtitled downloads of it, it stings. This mostly happens with stuff from the 60s and 2000s - fans of contemporary shows don't know how good they have it.
466 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-11 05:58
I've been rewatching a bunch of anime and hoping to get into watching some other classics I missed back in the late '90s and early '00s.
467 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-11 13:42
Just got Uzumaki from my local library. Haven't started it yet, but it looks pretty cool so I'm excited.
468 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-11 19:40
Is scanlation and fansubbing dying? I've heard rumours that it's nowhere near as big as it used to be, but I have no way of actually confirming them. Anecdotally, I know a lot of the more interesting manga I enjoy have been dropped, but maybe this was always the case with slightly more obscure works. Maybe it has something to do with translated stuff being available for purchase to a greater extent than in the past.
469 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-11 23:55
How does everyone feel about this decade in anime and manga? Quite a lot has changed about the medium, the industry, and the culture since 2010.
470 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-12 17:22
I learned that CG anime has the chance to look good if the studio actually tries, which I think is a good thing. Thinking of that one Gem anime Houseki no Kuni/Land of the Lustrous. I haven't really kept up with new releases but I haven't experienced any anime this decade that left huge impressions on me like Haruhi or Gurren Lagann. Unless the original season of Madoka was after 2010?
471 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-16 02:42
Yes, it was 2011.
472 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-16 23:57
It might be because I'd been hearing it was the best thing ever for years, but I didn't particularly like Gurren Lagann. I forced myself to finish it because I thought I should.
473 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-17 03:19
The thing to remember about Gurren Lagann (and you could make the same argument for anything that guy has made, or Cowboy Bebop), is that they're gateway series - not too foreign or strange for mainstream audiences. American-influenced artwork and characters, accessible dubs, over-the-top, simplistic plots, "epic" presentation, loads of action... you know, like a big Hollywood movie.

People don't necessarily like the because they're the nadir of the medium, they like them because they aren't too different from what they're used to, which is why they're so popular outside of Japan, especially in English-speaking countries.
474 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-17 22:06
When I watched Gurren Lagann for the first time I was about 14 and I think that colors my perception of the series a lot. It's grand in scale, but basically just a coming of age story.

I was emotionally devastated by Kamina's death because he was just so cool and everything I wanted to be. I even thought he was the protagonist and Simon was just sort of a normal kid along for the ride.

Then gradually Simon matures into someone that can not only fill his shoes, but surpass him, culminating in the climax of the series where Simon talks to Kamina again. We find out that Kamina was more or less a buffoon carried by Simon all along, and had more value as a symbol than anything else. Simon is an adult, with responsibilities beyond a vague notion of rebellion, and the whole world on his shoulders. After this meeting, he rather handily defeats the anti-spiral in the denouement. He accepts the task of protecting the cosmos on behalf of humanity as the price of freedom, paralleling the burdens we take on as adults.

It's a simple and not particularly original story, but still compelling because it's about the human experience. This is just my favorite interpretation of it because it has giant robots and Yoko tits.
475 Name: Paperplane : 2019-12-19 07:38
basically a coming of age story
that's how I feel about NGE. I only recently watched it for the first time to see what the hype was all about and while it was entertaining it wasn't anything too special but I know that I would think otherwise if I would've seen it mid puberty.
476 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-20 03:24
Meanwhile, I've just been watching Panty and Stocking...
477 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-20 07:32
Are you enjoying it?
478 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-21 05:26
It's not bad (except for the last two episodes that were basically fillers). One of the few animes I've watched so I can't judge it against others really, but I do enjoy it.
479 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-21 07:34
When I say "last two" I learn the last two I watched, not the last two in the series, just clarifying
480 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-21 09:56
Which ones are those? There's definitely some pointless episodes in Panty & Stocking, but it's one of my favorite shows. PSG is one of those anime that I've watched over and over and still love.
481 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-21 22:38
Episode 10 and somewhat 11. 10 was basically just Chuck doing a Tom and Jerry routine with the other creature owned by Scanty and Kneesocks.
482 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-21 22:46
Yeah, I hated Chuck to the Future. I like the music video, though.
483 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-22 04:05
Oh yeah I totally forgot about them throwing in the Anarchy MV in there, that's a favorite. But it had nothing to do with the episode and didn't fit in well.
484 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-22 10:41
I feel like that whole episode has nothing to do with the show and doesn't fit in well. But in that it kind of ties into PSG's overall theme of being a bitch and unapologetically doing what you want.
485 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-29 08:07
Currently rewatching Code Geass.
486 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-29 08:56
I will rewatch everything Love Live SIP related in chronological order including lives. It's my tradition during New Year days. But I will not rewatch Final Live because by that time i'll already lose 10kg due to emotional investment. After 15 years of otakuing I couldn't find anything I would love more and it's not even close. I will drink moderately and try to relax a bit in the process.
In any case I hope 2019 wasn't too rough for you. Hang in there, whoever reads this.
487 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-29 18:01
It makes my head explode that people now seriously say "animeS and mangaS" when referring to multiple series. I remember that being made fun of in professional publications during the late 2000s, and now it's commonplace. Similarly, I hate the use of "anime" as an adverb - "that was so anime!"? Seriously!?
488 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-29 19:30
I went digging around my hard drive for series I hadn't watched yet and found Gin no Saji so I'm watching that now. I don't know what it is about agricultural-themed series but I really find them fun.

This is the first I've heard of anyone using it like that. But a lot of terms, waifu probably being the most common, have been misused for a while now. Hell, I saw some 'notice me senpai' meme come up on my mom's FB feed recently. The image wasn't even 2D so I imagine it's spread pretty far into mainstream sites.
489 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-29 22:46
2019 wasn't a great year. Nor was the entire decade of the 2010s for that matter. I'm ready for a new era.

Anime going mainstream has created nothing but cringe in masses. I'm glad I don't use social media such as FB anymore. It was like having a loaded gun to my head everyday.
490 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-30 11:33
Better to ignore 99% of the western "fan"dom if you want to enjoy something in peace. That loaded gun metaphor above is damn on point. Saw quite a few examples. Was bothered by such stuff for some time and felt terrible but then started to feel indifferent because only you and your personal dedication should matter if you don't have someone with the same genuine interest as your close friend. It's also easy to become arrogant and elitist, thinking you are better than those memeing ironic people but that's no good too because it causes anger. The best option is to sincerely enjoy anime and manga without external influence.
491 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-30 21:53
The best option is to sincerely enjoy anime and manga without external influence.
The issue is that anime (probably moreso than manga, but I have no real evidence to back this up) has always been extremely consumer-driven, and anime is being shaped more by mainstream American audiences than ever before. Memes, popular internet references (fidget spinners, Undertale, etc.), and "reaction face" imagery is now more present in contemporary series than ever before. Granted, I'm sure that's what the vast majority of the audience now wants and is willing to pay for, but as someone who enjoyed the medium as a departure from familiar culture, my interest in and appreciation of it has plummeted since about 2015, and I don't even keep up with newly-released shows. I realize I'm not even remotely relevant as a consumer, though.
492 Name: Anonymous : 2019-12-31 10:30
anime (probably moreso than manga, but I have no real evidence to back this up) has always been extremely consumer-driven
I dunno if this is exclusive to anime or even TV. Everything in entertainment used to be driven by execs making gambles with ideas. Now that there's a clear picture of what sells, more analytics available and consumers being able to rate stuff themselves there's no need to make gambles. The entire model of creating entertainment has shifted.
493 Name: Paperplane : 2020-01-08 11:13
I agree. Most online anime communties are utter trash, no matter if it's an image board, a social media site or YouTube. Everywhere they behave the same:
haha ironic meme waifu jojoreference uwu aheago anime tiddies
It's cancer in its truest of forms. I just can't stand these people anymore. I just want to talk about anime without these goblins but I believe that wherever there's a anime/manga theme online, these people are too.
More on topic:
The current Hero Academia season has been very disappointing so far. When I binged S1-3 I had a blast but now that I caught up the pacing is horrible (which may be attributed to the weekly releases) and the quality of animation is dropping deep.
Manga I read Goblin Slayer and all its spinoffs and I'm waiting for new chapters. Having fun with that at least.
494 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-08 12:14
haha ironic meme waifu jojoreference uwu aheago anime tiddies
what makes you think that Japanese otaku are any different, since all of the above was made for a Japanese public in the first place?
495 Name: Paperplane : 2020-01-08 12:23
What makes you think that something made me think that?
496 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-08 19:01
Not in that quantity. Not even 1% close. It's an absolutely different mentality and attitude and you can see it even in such ultra popular noisy networks like twitter. I wonder why did you even compare. It is impossible to give you the source of my statement, you either follow the situation and know about it or you do not.
497 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 23:27
I started watching the new Nekopara anime when I realized that they had replaced all of the voice actresses. They were still in the crowdfunded OVA, but now they had been tossed aside because eroge actresses aren't good enough for big boy TV anime for big boy viewers. It's hugely disrespectful and I stopped watching immediately.

There are very few guaranteed sales in the anime market, and something that looks solid on paper can easily fail while something else may become an unexpected success.

The Western fans are acting that way precisely because they aren't Japanese (or sufficiently familiar with anime). Anime is made by Japanese people according to Japanese sensibilities, which are very different from Western ones.
498 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 23:58
eroge actresses aren't good enough for big boy TV anime for big boy viewers. It's hugely disrespectful and I stopped watching immediately.
Did you really expect anything else from a series that was crowdfunded by meme-ing Steam users?
499 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-10 03:21
Can someone give me a recommendation of something that came out between 1985 - 1989?
500 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-10 11:11
The OVA was crowdfunded. The OVA retained the cast from the VN, and people crowdfunded the OVA based on the VN. Little Witch Academia was similarly popular in the West and had its second OVA partially crowdfunded (to extend its length), but the TV series didn't change the cast.
501 Name: Paperplane : 2020-05-02 18:25
Dorohedoro is finally available in my country and I'm having a blast.
I love it when the art style is different from all the samefaces you see in every seasons. When the characters feel different for once and not some copy paste personalities.
And the animation is great, too.
Not to mantion the Suda51-esque world.
Oh and the OST is good too.
502 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-06 10:36
The live-action segments of Gyaru & Dinosaur are surprisingly comfy, when they aren't totally weird. Why is it so relaxing to watch people do mundane things like eat and shop?
503 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-07 12:43
I really enjoyed 20th Century Boys, haven't read it's sequel 21st Century Boys yet though. It's definitely one of my favourite manga.
504 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-08 16:47
I'm reading Wakako-zake.
And you should read it too.
505 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-08 18:52
All this idle time I've found myself with has given me time to watch a lot more than I normally could. I'd been putting off Gintama due to the length, but now that I've started on it I worry I'm going to run through the series almost too quickly since it's so much fun.

I remember enjoying that when I watched it so I'll check out the manga, too.
506 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-08 20:02
Mori's "memesub" version made this the comedy of the season
507 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-08 20:51
I don't know any memesubs and not sure if I want to.

The adaptation was made pretty much copied and pasted panel-to-panel and covers only 12 chapters 3-4 pages each. The whole manga is 500-something pages long.
The only thing missing from the manga is the voice of Miyuki Sawashiro.
508 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-16 15:38
When I was a kid and there was a pretty sizable comic/manga store near me, I bought all of the original One Piece manga, from Romance Dawn to Skypiea. Although I haven't read or watched One Piece since I was dorky pokemon card collecting 12 year old, I want to catch up.
509 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-19 00:13
That's a pretty daunting task. I started One Piece a few years ago, and I'm still like 500 chapters behind.
510 Name: Paperplane : 2020-05-19 05:06
Similar situation, I only watched the anime until shortly after Skypiea arc. But just 3 weeks ago I tackled the manga and home office gave me plenty time to read.

Just 490 more to go...
511 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-28 15:50
Recently a friend of mine tipped me off onto watching anime and I’ve just been blitzing a bunch of shows. So far I’ve gone through One Punch Man, Maid Dragon, Gabriel Dropout, Mob Psycho, FMA:B, Soul Eater and Kill La Kill.

Standouts for me are probably KLK and Maid Dragon, why wasn’t I doing this before?

Sidenote: OPM’s Manga is phenomenal, which I finished in one night and probably kickstarted this. Also reading GTO, and Onizuka is truly the goat.
512 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-28 19:59
Some people say Skypiea is the best arc, but honestly I actually consider the G8 filler arc after it that everyone skips to be one of the best arcs of the anime. It's One Piece at its core
513 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-13 04:04
I started watching Hajime no Ippo at the recommendation of a friend and I'm really loving it so far. Watched 12 episodes in 2 days, and I normally don't watch a lot. But it's so easy to get into and I love all of the characters so much. Watching the main character train and grow and struggle, then discover his strengths and begin to lean into them and adapt them to cover his weaknesses has been so good. I definitely recommend it.
514 Name: Paperplane : 2020-07-13 05:57
Hate to admit it but that show is what got me into boxing. Been going to the boxing gym on and off for 2 years now. Great motivational shounen!
515 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-14 19:19
I finished watching Kurenai. I'd reccomend it for anyone who's bored and has enough time to spare.
Watch out to the end, though.
516 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-14 20:08
I watched through this show last year and really enjoyed it! A good, lean story with some very likeable characters and excellent background art. The OP's animation is rather terrifying, but I loved it and the ED's music. Great show to watch in HD. The musical episode is easily one of my favourite pieces of anime ever.

I also watched the OVAs that follow the manga's continuity and didn't really care for them. I don't think I'd like the source material if I read it.
517 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-15 20:57
What's next on your watch list? Mine is currently Black Clover.
518 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-15 22:56
A friend showed me the first couple episodes of Dorehedoro a few weeks ago. I'm hoping to get into it soon. I've also been watching Pokémon Sun & Moon.
519 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-16 07:19
Dorohedoro's great. It's not as good as the manga (not a fan of the CG, but it's not distracting like I thought it would be) but still worth a watch. Kaiman's a cutie.
520 Name: blacklivesmatter : 2020-07-16 12:35
hi is this place for reals? ive never used a text based message board, ive watched all of black clover, its like fairy tale
521 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-16 20:22
No, we are just pretending.
And you should too.
Don't ask.
522 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-16 22:43
Words of wisdom.
523 Name: Anonymous : 2020-07-28 22:01
Excuse me?
524 Name: Paperplane : 2020-07-30 08:20

Duh just pretend to take it easy really hard which means showing no emotion except for maybe slight annoyance here and there.
525 Name: Anonymous : 2020-08-12 23:04
Ah, thank you for clarifying it.
526 Name: Anonymous : 2020-08-13 05:21
I just finished watching Aria the Origination, and it was really beautiful and heartwarming. I didn't find it as good as the Natural, but it was still amazing. I think I just like the mystery, discovery, exploration, and appreciation of the world of Aqua aspects of the show more than the character growth aspects. It seems like I'm in the minority when it comes to this preference, as it seems most think the Origination is best, but I just found Akari's view on the world around her and her experiences discovering new things really inspiring and enjoyable, so I hoped I would see more of it in the Origination.


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