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last post: Dec 2, 2013


1 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-01 12:47
One of my major, probably THE major-est, goals has reached its end and now I feel completely lost and devoid of direction. Unfortunately it was not a happy conclusion and I have the option of continuing a lost cause or quitting. Either way, now I feel totally empty and at the moment have no remaining "gas in the tank" so to speak because of my failure.

Tell me, what should I do now? What dreams or goals do you have that help you get up in the morning and what would you do if you suddenly lost your biggest motivation?
2 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-01 20:11
I'm generally the type of person who would rather loose than give up. However if continuing doing whatever it is you're doing is a lost cause, then it is not worth putting your energy and time into. Especially if you could be puting the time into some that would bering you a fuller life.

Me? I want to get married, become an ESL teacher, and send money home to help out my mom.
3 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-01 20:19
If it's really a lost cause, take a moment to find other goals in life.

I'm currently doing this and it's great not to worry for a while.
4 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-01 22:32
I was once in the same situation. I sat down outside and had a cup of coffee. I watched the autumn leaves fall, the clouds roll by, heard the birds chirp and the wind breeze past my ears, thinking about what I should do. I thought of nothing.

After a few days of doing the same thing, over and over again, I finally decided on what I can do. I sought to learn, to experience and to see all that I have yet to know. Until now, I've been cooking, learning every week what I should or should not do in the kitchen. I've decided that I'll go skydiving with someone sometime soon. From that point on, I've decided to explore a bit more; from that point on, I've been ordering food that I haven't tasted or known in restaurants and such. A few days ago, I had the chance to order a milkshake of sorts, two flavors of ice cream blended together. I chose mint chocolate and passionfruit. It was a very strange, yet pleasant experience.

Just as >>3 had said, take a moment to find other goals.

There's an entire world out there that needs to be explored. If you have the money, travel around the world. Go sailing with a friend for a few days out at sea, try a new sport or a martial art. Try hiking, camping out in the woods, hell, try a different job. Save someone's life, donate some blood, do volunteer work, clean your neighbor's yard, do some gardening, plant your own vegetables.

Just don't be afraid, anon. There'll be at least one thing that you might like, and it may even change your life. Have a great week, and don't forget to smile.
5 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-02 02:04
I mean, I figure that one has to find something else to spend your energies on but this is just such a blow to my self esteem. As if I'm not good enough. Probably the biggest to date it was just so shocking for it to come out like it did.

Just as >>3 had said, take a moment to find other goals.
I will, it was very recent after all. I'm sure that time will heal the wounds.

Have a great week, and don't forget to smile.
Ha, I will. We're all gonna make it as long as we keep pushing. I'm already starting as I'm going with a girl I know to a festival later on to take my mind off of things.

One thing I will probably do is just go and cry for a bit. Gay maybe but I haven't cried in years. I think this warrants it.

Thanks for the pick me up guys. I'm glad to say I've been here since before the beginning back when we were still an image board and that this means a lot. I'll return the favor in the future after I've picked up the pieces with more good cheer and good feels.
6 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-02 03:25
I'm glad to hear that you're be doing fine, anon. There's a world filled with wonder hidden somewhere in this world, and I'm sure we can all find it.
7 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-02 04:39
some of us never had goals or purpose in the first place...
8 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-02 05:30
Well, how about a read in something called "sunk cost fallacy"? It has changed how I look at things worth to strife for.
9 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-02 08:51
Find something beautiful to hold on to and hold on to it, remind yourself of it, and slowly start pushing yourself in the direction of other goals. Don't fall into the trap of doing everything at once.

An example would be this site right here. Think of the other people all across the world cheering you on. I definitely am cheering you on; I was in the exact same situation a few days ago until I got smashed out of it by the same person which led me into this pit. I learned to hold on to what we have and appreciate it. And remember:

"If you get stuck in the memories of those times, you won't be able to appreciate all the fun that's happening right now. So don't be thinking "that time was fun", because you should be thinking "that time was also fun"... Being able to find the fun that's happening right now, is the best way to enjoy the present."

I am not a person that particularly enjoys using quotes to express my point, but this one from ARIA is simply perfect. Perhaps not completely fitting for losing your goals, but I am of the belief that enjoying life comes first, and finding your goals next.
10 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-03 04:07
Humans are pretty flexible and resilient animals, this is especially so when they specifically choose go be so.
You're going to be okay.


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