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Dream Thread
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2652 days old
last post: Jan 6, 2021

Dream Thread

1 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-28 03:01
Post your dreams! Happy, sad, scary, you don't know what- any type of dream is welcome!

My dream was a bit weird. I was in a big room with a bunch of children and we were all standing up looking at one wall. There were explosions going on around us in the distance and no one was getting hurt. On the wall it kept counting down from 7 and everyone counted down aloud with it. I don't know how many times we counted down but it was a lot. On the last "one" the explosions were on me but I didn't feel them. I just saw orange then I woke up and my arm was asleep.
2 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-28 07:42
That dream sounds strangely exciting yet scary.

Here's from a few days ago.

I was walking around somewhere and I was seeing all these people that I knew, and they all just kept walking in the opposite direction I was walking in. The ones near me kept eye contact and smiled. I knew everyone that was walking, some classmates from god knows when, some were people I met in a shop, teachers, some family members too. It was very strange, it felt rather weird, rather nostalgic, scary, warm, yet cold.
3 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-30 05:15
Something about traveling very quickly on roller skates. Impressed a lot of people with my extreme roller-skate speed.
4 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-31 04:17
I don't remember most of my dreams since I rarely have time to stop and think every morning but I always remember another person was there, and I'm either with/looking for/chasing after her.

Settings usually range from old torture mansions to pretty alien planets with glass flowers, so my dreams are pretty much rehashed. Pretty cool though and makes me look forward to sleeping despite my broken schedule.
5 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-31 09:27
I walked up to 3 young boys without really paying them much thought. I stopped close to them to use my phone. At one point i held my phone close to my chest and it made it seem like I was trying to conspicuously take a picture. One of the boys looks at me and says," That guy is taking pictures of us." and proceed to walk into a pizzeria. For some reason this freaked me out and I wanted to prove them otherwise so I walked in and asked if they would like to see my phone to prove I hadn't done such a thing and then throw it on to one of the tables. One of the boys looked as if he was going to come forward and check but then quickly moves back. I realize they probably think hands aren't sanitary and wont pick my phone up,i take it and leave.

I dont remember anything prior or after.
6 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-31 09:31
I walked up to 3 young boys without really paying them much thought. I stopped close to them to use my phone. At one point i held my phone close to my chest and it made it seem like I was trying to conspicuously take a picture. One of the boys looks at me and says," That guy is taking pictures of us." and proceed to walk into a pizzeria. For some reason this freaked me out and I wanted to prove them otherwise so I walked in and asked if they would like to see my phone to prove I hadn't done such a thing and then throw it on to one of the tables. One of the boys looked as if he was going to come forward and check but then quickly moves back. I realize he probably think my hands aren't sanitary and wont pick my phone up,so i take it and leave.

I dont remember anything prior or after.
7 Name: Anonymous : 2013-12-31 09:32

Sorry about that,6 is the edited version and there isn't a delete function.
8 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-02 15:16
I met a nice mathematician girl who asked me a bit about my (absolutely horrible) masters course and why I have stopped doing math: That night I dreampt that I was with my mom and we decided to drop in at my previous university to get something to eat - but i was kind of diving down a hill onto the grass outside it to get there and it was so deep and far that I feel, when I hit the ground my bones broke and shook.
I used to think that dreams were just randomly generated nonsense but now I see that they are symbolic.
9 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-03 03:26
I was traveling around in a forest without touching the ground for some reason. I would climb trees, and jump from tree to tree to get around. Every once in a while, I'd stop to take in the scenery. I remember feeling oddly comfortable and nostalgic in this forest, even though I've never been in any woods or forest that resembled this one.
I kept moving, and after a while, came upon a clearing. There were people there, eating, talking, and being generally friendly. I climbed down, and everyone greeted me warmly, as if they were old friends of mine. That weird nostalgic, comfortable feeling never went away, either. What's strange is I didn't recognize anybody; none of my friends were there, either.
Before I got a chance to speak with them, I woke up, feeling wistful.

I'm with >>8. I've had some nonsensical dreams, but I feel like this one has a deeper meaning to it. It's been stuck in my head all day.
10 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-11 05:33
Odd. I was driving my scooter through some forest and went past a power plant. The scooter seemed to fly at times.
11 Name: Anonymous : 2014-01-13 00:14
I've had my first nightmare in months, I think. You see, I was stressed for college and I ended up dreaming about a girl I used to not get along with, and we had a heated discussion in front of everyone. I don't remember all of it but I remember how bad I was feeling, tho ; _ ;

Then, I was in company of a little girl, inside of what i think it was the college, or our old school, (or both?). I had never meet that child before, but I knew she was related to the girl I had argued with (i think she was her little sister or something like that) and that I had to take care of her for a while, so I knew I better wouldn't mess up. We where in what I think it was a classroom, and I closed the door, I think we where going to play a game or something. Then, I turned my back for a second and when I turned around, she has disappeared! I began to call her, "Reina! Reina!", but she wouldn't came out. She had just vanished, there, in the closed classroom. I began to cry and I kept calling her, as she wouldn't show up again. I remember that frightening feel and the anxiety i felt, even for being a dream.... Finally, they accused me of kidnapping and hiding her. And then, I woke up.

The curious thing is, that I don't know nobody called Reina. And I had worst nightmares, but this one was really lively... I guess is a bad idea to combine stress with closed room mysterys.

Aaaah, that's somehow beautiful to dream, in a strange way... I wish I'd dream something similar someday. A pity you woke up just when you were going to talk to them.
12 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-12 05:21
I don't remember the whole dream anymore. At first I was on some kind of medieval fantasy castle wall, only it had pillars one could hide behind. The group of people I was in was under attack by archers, but we had a huge tower shield and we took turns using it, then passing it back to the previous person when reaching a pillar.
Eventually we made it through, got graded and visited a shop inside the wall the archers where shooting from. I bought a discounted leather jacket for 200 points. There also was some kind of expensive flooring, I talked with a party member about it and left it alone.

Later I was working freelance on some project. I noticed a weird pattern on the carpet and also a sentence on the side of it, which struck me as weird. I don't remember the exact sentence, but it was a let-down, so I took a pen and completed it to be more aggressive and interesting.
Then I had to jet to get to another job, but I met people from school I hardly know. We went to some bar and I proceeded to flirt with them, but I didn't put in much effort. One of them took off with a taxi, I went with the taxi as well. I remembered the other job and got out of the taxi when it waited for the traffic light to change.
Gave the driver 10.50€ and took off into the rain.
That's when I woke up.
13 Name: Anonymous : 2016-02-22 14:03
2 dreams last night:

In the first, we (the initial main character of the dream, not me, and his team) were playing Counter Strike. Only two people remained on the opposite team: One guy with a ton of equipment and a girl, who had holed herself up in an inaccessible spot she got boosted to.
We managed to take the first guy out, who promptly began to verbally abuse his remaining teammate.
The dreams main character proceeded to persuade her to throw the match, she could fill an open spot on our team and stop hanging out with those losers.

After the game, I walked her to school in what seemed to be a hybrid of modern day Berlin and 18XX London.
Then the dream kind of shifted to her perspective, she was in her chemistry class and the teacher looked at the students assignments. He wanted 4+ pages on some subject, one of her classmates just barely managed to bullshit those together and he got roasted for not making any effort.
The the teach looked at hers, which was 8 pages with a beautiful calligraphy cover page, graphs and citations, all handmade.
He talked about how good it was, praising every single aspect, then made her fail the class because she put in too much effort.
He told her to hand over her chemistry book, which she refused, as she had bought it herself and still wanted to learn more. He hit her and she took off.
On her way through the urban maze, night fell and she arrived in a dark park. She asked three of the guys from Victoria (Boxer, Sonne and Blinker) for their protection, because a serial killer was said to be in the park at night.

The second dream:

A medieval/fantasy city. Think Berserk before the Golden Age arc. The main character and a few of his fellows were sitting in some room, way above the ground. A few sages were planning a plot, I do not remember the details.
The main character was handed a telescope, he looked out of the window and saw a member of the royal family with her personal guard debating something across a canal on some kind of plateau with stairs leading up to them.
The sages explained the way, and our party made their way through the city, over the canal and through a few streets to reach the staircase. The main character positioned himself right around a corner and gestured the rest of the party (who were wearing commoners clothes) to hide behind a few pillars at the bottom of the stairs.

The royal guard slowly made their way down the stairs and the main character stabbed the captain in her throat, just as she was about to pass the corner.
As she went down with a gurgling noise, the rest of the guard told the princess/baroness/? to stay put, and persued the main character, who was fleeing down the stairs. As the went past the pillars, they got their throats slit as well, the bodies were hidden and the princess/baroness/? was made to wear commoners clothes as well, her jewelry was stripped of her, her hair made dirty and with a dagger in her side, she was to follow, presumeably to be a hostage for the sages in the room.
14 Name: Anonymous : 2016-02-23 00:12
I must have been like 4 or 5 when I had this dream.
I was driving a pickup in a dirt road through the mountains where I lived, it was sunny and the mountains were a deep blue like how they look when they are far away but I was really up close.
There were many acquaintances along the way and I stopped to talk to them and stuff.
I don't remember the details but it really left a deep impression on me and I still remember it for some reason despite it being so many years ago.

Another notable dream I had a couple years ago, I think much has already been written about the effects of opiates on dreams. I was using heroin to deal with my woes and worries, I'm sure it has some weird effect on the dream world though not always. Lately it seems it only happens when I use and its far apart from other uses. When addicted I've only had them after the last day I used right before the withdrawals. Anyways I was in some form of public transportation, a bus or a train maybe. It was during night, there was a beautiful girl there as well. In retrospect it felt as though it was someone I knew in real life. Immediately I knew I loved her and tried to explain as much to her. Don't recall much, later we were together getting high off this really strange drug that turned you into a cat when used. She used it and turned into a cat. I'm probably not explaining this very well but it was very beautiful and emotional the whole dream.
15 Name: Anonymous : 2016-03-07 23:47
I had a night terror about the reaper.
He was standing outside on a balcony. I saw him through the window. Then he was in the room and he was holding my wrist.
I woke up on the floor with tears in my eyes.

And, lying in the dark, I thought to myself: was I born with this hole in my chest or did someone put it there?

These days I'm all over the place and I'm barely holding it together. But nothing's broke me yet.
16 Name: Anonymous : 2016-03-08 02:01
Oh my, I'm sorry to hear about that.
17 Name: Anonymous : 2016-03-14 01:32
Couple days ago I dreamt that I was being attacked by coyotes. I was working on a roof like I usually do in real life and coyotes kept climbing up the ladders. There were so many of them.
I often dream I'm getting attacked by coyotes but lately it seems they are getting smarter and growing in numbers
18 Name: Anonymous : 2016-04-24 12:23
Sounds a bit scary, I hope you aren't suffering from this too much.
Recurring dreams tend to be the most dreadful for me, because they are usually not that nice.

Lately, I can't seem to remember any dreams at all.
It makes me a bit sad since I did have some really sweet dreams in the past.
19 Name: Anonymous : 2016-04-24 15:11
I have recently started writing everything I can remember the moment I wake up on a notebook.
20 Name: Anonymous : 2016-04-25 13:17
I should start writing down my dreams again as well. Used to do so all the time, I guess I have logged a few dozens of them at various BBSs (some in this thread) but for some reason I stopped doing so.
I still have really vivid dreams.
21 Name: Anonymous : 2016-05-04 18:41
When I was a little kid every Halloween I would have a reoccurring dream about a little dwarf with a chainsaw chasing me around and murdering all my current friends at the time (and sometimes me). He had an aggressively irish accent, red hair and masculine beard, and shouted bad puns. He followed me from school to school and house to house I moved to, never could get away.

And then when I was 12, it stopped. No more dwarf dreams.
22 Name: Anonymous : 2016-05-04 19:49
  ∧ ∧
  (,,゚ Д゚) < what the fuck
   | つつ
 〜|  |
23 Name: Anonymous : 2016-05-07 06:43
He'll be back when you'd least expect it. Keep your own chainsaw handy.
24 Name: Anonymous : 2016-05-16 12:19
I have Dyscalculia. A year ago a friend showed up one day an gave me a digital watch as a surprise gift. Since reading analogue clocks is weird for me and sometimes hard, I have so happy and thankful he gave it to me.
I had a dream the front face got scratched so bad it was unreadable. I remember nothing else about the dream. When I woke up, I saw the watch was fine and I was so happy.
25 Name: Anonymous : 2016-06-06 23:58
I had a very short dream about a sweet young spidergirl with short hair who I became friends with. She loved to hug and knit me comfy sweaters, and her hugs gave me so much comfort and put me at ease. We spent an evening talking about things by a fire. I woke up when she gave me another hug. It was 4 am, dark, and the blanket I had wrapped me up like her hugs. I didn't know if I had actually woken up or not at the time, but I succumbed to the warmth and went back to sleep.
26 Name: Anonymous : 2016-06-11 10:24
My dream had me looking at myself sleeping on my bed. I was sleeping on top of the sheets, then under, then with the sheets in a small mess - clearly I've been struggling to get comfy. In a flash, large insect eggs, scorpions and segmented insectoids appeared on my untidy bed, crawling on my sleeping body. As the viewer, I got the vacuum, came back to my room, and my body was no longer there. Only ruffled sheets and the crawlies remained, and I began sucking them all up. As I held the vacuum, I wondered where the spider girl was.

I woke up and heard bad news.

I'll post my dreams from years ago. I no longer have lucid dreams, and they aren't vivid at all. I miss such days when I eagerly went to sleep in the hopes of dreaming.
27 Name: Anonymous : 2016-06-12 21:18
I just had a dream about painting faces and landscapes with a pen that looked like it turned into watercolors! I suddenly want to paint again! I'm sorry if I'm cluttering the thread!
28 Name: Anonymous : 2016-06-13 04:54
I had a dream where I was walking along a path in my local university. Ahead, I saw a friend from high school whom I hadn't seen or talked to since graduating years ago. He was walking with his father and they appeared to be talking. As the distance between us closed, and our eyes met. I waved to him. A confused look appeared on his face and he asked me who I was. I replied with my name. He still didn't know who I was.

I woke up and picked up my phone. I started to compose a message to send over fb, but soon stopped and returned to my bed. I was scared that he might not seem interested and our conversation would quickly end. I was scared of what he might think of a person he has not seen in years suddenly contacting him. My mind wandered to the other friends that I fell out of contact with since moving. I felt sick and hated myself for not having the confidence to try reconnecting with my friends. I curled up and drifted off, thankfully, to a dreamless sleep.
29 Name: Anonymous : 2016-06-14 20:15
I had a dream where I visited my friend's house, and he had a couple of stereomicroscopes on his desk.

He doesn't.

My subconscious is apparently not the most creative.
30 Name: Anonymous : 2016-08-14 08:40
After finishing Macross 7 a few weeks ago, I had a dream yesterday where I was Basara and got on stage with other Macross singers. But as I tried singing to a full audience the realization that in fact, I was not Basara hit me suddenly. So I just ran away from stage full of embarrassment.

I wish it was an anime related dream that was as enjoyable as watching 7 was.
31 Name: Anonymous : 2016-08-20 20:04
I don't really remember a central thread of the dream I just woke up from but a few points impressed themselves on me. I had some strange working environment with various intrigues which I accidentally eavesdropped on because I was in small, unused places. I had to move some sort of terrarium with an ant farm and flowers from my little sister's to a new place I was living at, but I got into a car accident and it was destroyed. I enrolled for a semester in university and then forgot to show up for most of it (that part is kind of typical I suppose). There was some sort of strange acrobatic thing involving skeletons or zombies but they weren't threatening. An internet friend of mine lived in the same town and I learned various things by accidentally eavesdropping on them. She was a witch (actually true) competing with various other magic people for control of the town. I felt like she was doing something wrong but there were also sad things that came up so I wasn't exactly disturbed or disappointed in her.
32 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-23 17:31
In my dream, I played a Dark Souls like game, but fully immersed in VR. Also, sections of it reminded me of Cave Story.
33 Name: Anonymous : 2017-01-25 02:37
Cave Story
I never managed to beat the hell level in that game.
34 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-08 15:05
Me neither, Anon, me neither.
35 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-09 23:24
Lately I've been having very tiring dreams.

A few weeks back I had a dream where I chased off my old friends as a child, only to get lost in a dark neighborhood. Only then have I longed for someone to hold close and dear, to comfort.

Last night, I had a dream where I was walking in the city rain, the air blued with smoke and water. Without an umbrella or a raincoat, soaked. I saw a beautiful woman cross the road, long straight black hair, her image struck me for some reason. With the puddles of rainwater on the road, one car slipped and hit her, throwing her quite a distance away, only to hit another car. I rushed over to see if they were still alive. Her hair was in a mess, her pulse was fading but present. I tried opening the doors in the cars, but they were all jammed in place, the bystanders shocked at what happened. I came back to the woman and her pulse was gone. I tried resuscitating her, but it was so wet and cold that it seemed as if she had died. As I looked back up, both cars were buried under flames, the only sounds I heard was the crackling of the flames and the pouring rain. Realizing what had just happened, I no longer had hope for those in the burning wreck, only to save the woman in front of me. I couldn't bring her pulse back. Knowing that I couldn't save these people (despite my mind telling me I couldn't do anything about it anyway), I had such a heavy heart. I was drenched, cold, disheartened. I still don't know why the image of that woman stuck with me.

I woke up feeling cold and exhausted, my back hurt and my shoulders stiff.
36 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-10 04:05
Dreams, some folks might say, are a way for our brains to prepare us for future high stress events. Similar to training ourselves for something knew and unfamiliar to us. Of course the high fantasy explanation is this is a vision of the future or a hidden symbol for you to discover it's meaning. Regardless, maybe get into red cross certifications or something near along that sort of thing. Not as a way to 'fix' anything about you but simply to prepare yourself for something that could easily happen right in front of you one day.

Actually I've also come to post because I've been seemingly unable to dream for years now. I've had dreams occasionally of course, mostly nightmares or less than happy affairs I think, but routine dreaming seems to elude me ever since sophomore year of high school. Any tips to get that back into my life?
37 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-10 11:09
Thank you for your response, I did not hope to have such a quick reply in this board. I've been hitting a rough patch lately, getting depressed over petty things, and I am beginning to miss my dreams of my old dearly beloved, but I told myself I have moved on. Maybe it's a longing for her again, I am not quite sure. I've lost her once, maybe I'll have to lose her again. Shortly after I lost her, my dreams have stopped for five years, and with each dream I do nothing but hope she comes back.

As for your dreams, there are many ways to attempt to induce them. I find that attempts at lucid dreaming can aid a lot in dreaming and even remembering dreams. First thing when you wake up, is to write about what you have dreamed about or remembered during your time of sleep. Hop onto your notepad or computer and jot it all down, don't think of anything else or you may forget it. Try changing your environment, too, get tired, do some exercise, write a story or even read a book. Change your state of mind. Try going for a warm bath, might help too.

If there's anything I could tell you to do, it's to have something to yearn for every time you go to sleep. When I dreamed regularly, I've always wanted to spend more time with her, to have fun and play, and my dreams back then did. Now I've got little to look forward to every time I go to bed, just wanting some rest, some comfort before I endure the next day. Maybe I should try to meet her again.
38 Name: Anonymous : 2017-02-20 03:40
I dreamed I was in a theology class, with my old religion teacher back from school.
He behaved kind of creepy, then at some point ordered one of the students to the front. A clone of my teacher appeared and they began spitroasting him.
One student made a jeer and the two teachers looked up to him in unison. The student looked like Sagawa from Yakuza 0. The teacher told him he had sinned, for the student thought himself to be sexy or something. The teacher then took a knife and rammed it into his heart or head to prove he was immortal, then took the Sagawa guy to the front as well.
The student stabbed him in the Hand and a few times elsewhere, then was stabbed himself and just like the teacher he didn't die.
Then it was my turn o be stabbed. I refused with all my might, stabbing the teacher instead (a real comical slow stab into the top of his head wirhout any force behind it like you'd see in a cartoon).
As expected, he didn't die, but rather tried the same with my head.
I tried to bullshit my way out, explaining that if he stabbed me and I died, that would mean he would've died when I stabbed him, too. Otherwise nothing of this would make any sense, I explained my belief system (consisting of me, the observable universe and hope/god) and told him he wouldn't do this to me if he was truly a man of god.
Somewhere around this point I realized this was a nightmare, as I waked up tons of clones of him began flooding the room whispering "it's just a dream".
I said to him the real reason I didn't want to be stabbed was, that I shortly feel the pain od wounds I receive when sleeping, but now that I was waking up he could feel free to do it.
He just smiled a creepy smile instead.

Alright, had to type this one out before I forgot it. Back to sleep, now.
39 Name: Anonymous : 2017-03-06 10:33
A short dream this time.

I was with a few friends who I can't really remember, then suddenly they broke the news to me that Jackie Chan had died. A single tear was shed and a moment of silence went through my heart. Afterwards, I woke up and the day had went on as usual. I find it strange that I didn't feel much emotionally about it all after I woke up, despite being a fan of his wacky antics on film.
40 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-17 21:55
I had a really weird and confusing dream a couple weeks ago and I wanted to share it with you before I forget it completely.

Basically I was living in North Korea and I apparently had a normal life there. I was studying in high school and I was trying to get my friends out of the country. Also, a friend of mine was a KGB agent (which doesn't make any sense) that was constantly trying to kill me.
I also remember being chased by a North Korean tank.
41 Name: Anonymous : 2017-06-19 06:56
This happened a few months ago. The dream itself was spiritual in nature, at least that's how I interpreted it. I was a looking at myself in 3rd person and what I saw was a sickly looking boy that could either have been an infant or a young child. A man, whom I instinctively thought of as "Allah", was holding me in his arms. He was standing in front of one of those artificially square shallow pools inside a roofless building with pillars behind him. He was dressed in all white and I could not see his face. He told his servant, who was also dressed in white, to get food for the child as "He will be the one to lead us" and the dream ended there.

I'm not Muslim either so it was disconcerting to say the least.
42 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-03 12:22
I keep dreaming of different weird shit everyday. It tends to be totally at random and kinda influenced by what happened to me the day before.

I know my dreams are very extensive for some reason but I always wake up barely remembering what it was going on before waking up.

Yesterday there were two cute twins with tons of drama. Both of them were blonde girls and I think they resembled someone I know. And then... It kinda turned lewd. They were kissing, one put several kisses on the other's chest, it was more of a very sweet, warm feeling that felt good, instead of just a plain arousing one. And then I woke up.

Today I dreamt I was riding a horse going to somewhere, with someone, I'm not sure where but there was a forest. We were talking about some serious subject and I felt respect and admiration for whoever was with me. Also, once we got back, there was cake waiting for us. It was some really sweet cheesecake with strawberry that practically melted in your mouth. I woke up before going back together and having another bite. ):
43 Name: Anonymous : 2017-07-05 23:40
Had a pretty disturbing dream this morning where I rather violently threw a bunch of people out of a shop as it was closing. I screamed and swore and hit some of them. I know it was just a dream, but it really freaked me out.
44 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-18 11:26
I am squeezing through this narrow passage of black rock like obsidian. It's crawling with spiders, but I'm not afraid. I reach a place where the ceiling is tall enough for me to stand. In the darkness, on a slab like a makeshift throne, sits a slender, charcoal-skinned woman. She's naked. The shine of many smaller eyes decorates her forehead. Her long legs are like blades. She smiles, her teeth the only white in her. Her legs move slightly apart as we lock eyes, and I'm compelled to come close and touch her and kiss her beautiful body.
So basically we have really steamy sex. I woke up right on time after we finished, before she could decide to eat me.
45 Name: Anonymous : 2020-11-25 15:41
I dreamed that I was trying to go to this site, but it told me that it's closed. There was some text about Evangelion and scientology, as well as some other shit; at the end of the message was a link to a thread where the admin complained about how he doesn't have enough money to run this place and we need to donate so the site can continue working. He also wrote something about file name extensions or domains or some other shit, and how you should always use .xx instead of .xex. The replies to that post were mostly meaningless, and they looked corrupted (e. g., colored text in posts, posts overlaying each other, several posts on the same line, etc.) Then I opened my browser's developer tools and saw there was a cookie called "6ao6a6" or something like that; I removed it and the site started working normally.
46 Name: Anonymous : 2020-12-07 19:11
I had a dream that I was part of a specialized deep sea diving team and we had to go into extremely dangerous waters. We all had our suits, but my team members kept getting caught by seaweed that acted like tentacles (in the way that it would actively snag and pull their legs to eat them). There were some eels living in coral and it caught another team member and started crushing their helmet with its mouth. Another teammate tried to help but also got caught by another eel. I had to choose to save because by the time I arrived, the first's helmet was already shattered and was actively being eating so I decided to save the second teammate. For some reason, the first teammate was my roommate's fiance.

As we were surfacing, some deep sea animal had chomped on my suit's arm and caused a very small breach so water was filling up suit. I started panicking and then I hit a strong current and got tossed around and separated from the teammate I saved. By the time I made it to the surface my suit was 100% full of water so I couldn't breathe and was rushing to the suit-up station (looked like a miniature mecha hangar lol) to get the suit off so I could breathe. The teammate I saved was there to help me back.

I slept very poorly that night.
47 Name: Anonymous : 2020-12-12 22:15
I had a dream where my middleschool sweetheart came back to me life and loved me back. She was gorgeous, a lot more mature and older, but still managed to remain the girl of my dreams. She almost kissed me. I cried.
48 Name: Anonymous : 2020-12-16 14:43
I dreamed about seeing a site where you could give it links to four other websites and it would combine them into one. For example, it would take the background color from the first site, text color from the second etc. And it would also generate text and images

Would be really cool if someone actually did that
49 Name: Anonymous : 2020-12-22 05:35
Dreamt I was in my old school buildings, but some of the interiors had were designed to look like churches, others sailing ships. Just hanging out with people from my school days, going around to all the classrooms and happily chatting. All faces of strangers I remember seeing around campus, but I was best mates with them all in dreamland apparently. Entire mood of the thing was reminiscent of the "Omedetou" scene in Ep 26 of Evangelion.

Methinks the loneliness of my ways is finally catching up to me.
50 Name: Anonymous : 2021-01-06 21:18
Had one of the most interesting and vivid dreams recently. "Me" and three other characters were on the orbital station near some planet that resembles Earth. At least it was blue. We were in pretty tough gear/armour and talked like some special space military unit that was supposed to investigate this station, which was called "Vanguard-16". But when we arrived there it was only cold, silence and mess everywhere. No signs of crew and equipment was damaged. There were very big observations windows and the outer space was clearly seen, including this planet. I don't remember much what we talked about but other members were saying something about the possible invasion of something "dark". We were investigating crew quarters and suddenly were called into the main room by one of the squad members. Then those big observation windows showed us something truly horrible but beautiful at the same time. From some kind of a black hole an enormously gigantic biomechanical ship has appeared near the planet and started to bombard it with projectiles of such power that planet has literally shattered into big pieces. I could see it's core and all. We were standing horrified and then aftermarth of this destruction has reached this orbital station we were on. Space debris started hitting windows, they began to shatter and broke in few seconds. We died from suffocation. Woke up really scared.
And I didn't even watch or read anything sci-fi that evening...
51 Name: Anonymous : 2021-04-02 21:29
I was driving out towards the country in my real life car on a highway. It was light out. I'm getting close to my destination and it's in eyeshot. For some reason, I'm driving towards some sort of Factory Island. It was a structure that was high above the water. It was comprised of mostly pipes and active smoke stacks. The only way to reach it was this highway. There was one stretch of road towards it and another stretch of road away.

As I begin driving on the bridge, I notice the highway is very thin and there are no guard rails. Additionally, I start seeing ramps that are on the path, exactly like the ones from a Super Truck race (video below). I continue driving and taking each jump as if it's normal, but then the bridge starts to collapse. At first, it was only sections immediately after the jump so it was easy to clear the gap, but the rate it's collapsing at increases and I eventually start plummeting into the water below. I open the car door so that if I survive the impact, I can escape.

I hit the water and my car begins to sink. I make sure to open up the central compartment to retrieve my CD's because I care very much about them. I bought them in Japan during Comiket.

I reach the surface and swim to shore without incident. As I'm walking, I see that it has become night time. On the left side of the road was some sort of gas station/pizzeria so I decide to stop in to dry off and get some food. The interior was average, but as I make way to the bathroom I find that there was a very fancy bar in the back. There was a luxurious purple carpet spanning the entire floor, even inside the bathroom. Different sections of the bathroom were separated by a thick purple curtains that were slightly darker than the carpet. However the bathroom was large enough that it didn't bother me. Unfortunately, I don't remember anything after that.

Here is the Super Truck racing video, it's pretty cool.


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