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going round and round
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last post: May 22, 2015

going round and round

1 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-16 04:12
Hello friends, it's been too long. How goes the fight? It is not too well where I am at. No work, no friends, it seems life is on a real bad downturn from when we first met all those years ago. Tell me about your own lives. It has been almost a millenia since I've spoken to you guys. How have the events that have been going on the past few years affected your online homelands? I fear we are slowly being pushed back where I reside. The places I used to fall back on on either being shut down or are transforming into something I can't even recognize.

What about the real world? Does that hold promise for you all or are you sharing the same fate as I? I sincerely hope all is well for you all.

It seems that these days, even though I come by rarely, you are all I have from the old world. Tell me, do you think we're almost there to the point where we must retreat permanently to this island, this safe haven from prejudices and evils? Regardless of what has happened out there I have always been comforted by our cove here. It seems, at least for me, that this is the last haven I know of that I am comfortable enough to reside as a full time member should the worst come to pass.

Right now I feel as though both online and in real life we're in the eye of the storm. It is calm now but it is not over yet.
2 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-16 04:49
I really like this calm alcove too.
I think things are slightly better for me. Though that is only because of the fact that I work hard to make it that way for my self. I've made two new good friends at Uni and have worked hard to keep them. I have improved myself physically and continue to do so as I am not satisfied yet. I bought a really good camera on the cheap and I have been taking nice photos and videos with it. I like it a lot. I've been seeking medical help with various things and have been making things better for myself in that aspect. Internet-wise I've been using some boards on 8chan, WAKAchan, 4-ch, and the SAoVQ. I've been using Tox to call friends and gpg on my emails. Otherwise I read the news either on i2p or through TOR. I have gotten myself a Libreboot X60 running Trisquel and an old Apple iBook G4 running Debian. Both of which are comfy to type on, as I have been typing a lot. I've been writing non-fiction things I hope to get published. I have a small notebook of recycled paper and cardboard that I have been using to write down once every day a list of all the things I accomplish. Lets look at yesterdays -

* Ran
* Did pushups
* Did crunches
* Donated books to the library.

I think it helps a little. I don't want to sit down at the end of the day and have nothing to write down. I bought a book on Ruby programming, and one on carving bows and arrows, so this summer I should be able to keep busy and have plenty of things to write in my notebook.
3 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-16 21:59
At least you're moving forward man. It just seems this year so far hasn't been my year. They cut my salary, then I haven't had work for about a month. I've been living off of some savings while I get a call.

I tried to do programming but it's just tedious. In my day to day life I don't have any need for it. I am brushing up on excel. That's proven to be very useful.

Other than this, I just am in a huge rut. I've been keeping a list of yearly goals which is incredible for keeping one focused at the end game. To-do lists I keep a sticky note on my desktop. Other than that I keep my google calendar up to date.

It's starting to get hot again. I'm not complaining though. I just about had it for the cold.

On a side note, I have some anime DVD's and soundtracks that I'm looking to get rid of. What's the best place to do that? I've never sold anything online.
4 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-17 07:41

Kek. I dunno. Nor have I. A buddy of mine uses Ebay to sell antiques for a profit though.
5 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-18 06:54
The places I used to fall back on on either being shut down or are transforming into something I can't even recognize.

This can be quite upsetting, I really like basic and simple website, like the letterbox and there are a few other small community image/textboards that I visit just because they keep things simple and revolve around a subject I like.

I really can't get along much on big websites any more, I don't really know why.

Aside from that, life has been pretty decent but I'm still moving the wrong way as I'm in the same position as you, OP.
No job, no friends, nothing but I just haven't really had anything bad happen lately and I'm just trying to make the best of things.
6 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-18 11:56
I finally got a casual job! It's pretty fun and laid back, but it still puts a little pressure on me at times. The company buys the employees meals! Be it KFC, pizza or burgers. I was really surprised when they asked me what food I wanted to eat!

I finally got around to selling all of my pokemon cards from 2008, and it turned out to be really useful at the time for some unexpected bills. Since I've last posted, I've painted a garage kit to near completion, I've ruined two of my models out of spite, I've bought a fig and a display cabinet, de-cluttered my room(and it's cluttered again, unfortunately) and I've wired up some lighting for my display cabinet.

I've given up on wanting to play games, and I've decided to only get a select few games when they come out. I find that I can't enjoy games as much anymore. Every now and then, playing Minecraft alone brings me the joy of exploration and wonder.

I have a pile of laundry that needs to be put in my wardrobe, I've got a tank that needs painting, my airbrush stopped working for some strange reason despite being immaculately clean, the glass on my desk has a few scratches and somehow managed to get two drops of superglue on it despite being covered with a mat. My 2Tb hard drive decided to die and corrupt all the anime that I liked, which was around 1tb in total. One of my older hard drives is nearly full, and I think the upcoming Comiket will definitely fill it up, while the other one needs some file and folder sorting. Both hard drives will need a thorough defragging and health checks, and my laptop will need a well-needed hard drive health check.

I haven't done much exercise and I really need to get back in shape. I've been going here and SAOVQ to check for updates, and seeing older BBSes and websites that haven't been active in a while makes me sad that what once was a community is now a barren chunk of HTML.

I've recently been wondering how that person I've given my old badges to has been doing. I wonder if they're fine. I've also been wondering about a few other internet people and how they're doing, how they are, if they're happy or not, tired or relentless, working to death, taking it easy or possibly in a well deserved vacation.

That's a rather long post. I hope I didn't bother anyone with all that.
7 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-19 07:41
I wouldn't worry about it, honestly. I'm not OP, but I like reading things like these posts.

Also, workplaces that give you food are always amazing. I did some temp work at a FedEx during the Christmas season and they'd order a bunch of boxed sandwich meals from a local restaurant. We were free to take one or two and it was always nice to have something like that after loading and unloading heavy packages for hours. I can't imagine being able to pick and choose what you wanted to get.

I can relate to not wanting to play many games anymore too, not that I played many to begin with. Lately, all I've been really playing is fighting games, although Hotline Miami 2 was a lot of fun.

Same for anime. I've only been watching Ore Monogatari this season, and catching up with various backlog anime, like Record of Lodoss War, or Eureka Seven. I'm pretty excited for Working S3 though, and have been reading more manga lately. I've been reading more in general, actually. I like it.
8 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-20 21:05
My life has really changed since the first day I stumbled upon the old ykkaria imageboard, I think. Especially my relationship with other people. I've never been much of a social person, but for two years or so I actively tried to avoid interaction as much as possible. I mean, I enjoyed being just by myself so why bother? It was peaceful, even if a bit uneventful, just wasting time on the internet, watching anime, reading and studying. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, really. But there came a moment where all my tranquility transformed into a some sort of prison. I mean, I enjoy being by myself but after not talking to anyone for six months or so, not so much. It's not good to overdo things.

So after a month or so inside my "prison", I decided to stop being a hermit, if I could be called that. I repaired my relationship with my old friends, met some new people that I liked. And you know what, after all these years I realized people could be damn interesting. Not all the time of course, but it's those rare, little moments that are sort of magical. I still don't get along with most people, either they bore me or I bore them but I have some valuable friendships now. That's something, right? But sometimes I miss those times where I would just stay home for weeks. After a certain time, you get into a different mood, a kind of melancholic tranquility. I don't have the opportunity for that now. I'm planning on trying that again after my finals are over, but probably not. Something always comes up.

And it's just not the same anymore. I still check out my usual internet places regularly, but I don't really feel like actively participating. I don't think I can spend two or three days just browsing internet anymore, I get bored after a while. Anime is similar. I still watch 5-6 shows a season and I enjoy most of them to a certain degree, but since Ping Pong last year I haven't watched something truly worth watching, a 8 out of 10 show. Maybe I'll do a Aria or Tamayura marathon when I'm less busy for the new OVA for Aria and new movies for Tamayura.

One thing that has been nice is I started writing again after years. We opened a blog with a friend, not many people read what we write but it's nice just making a critique of our writings and chatting about literature. I reread Waiting for Godot lately and it made a big impact. After that I took up Endgame and decided it was the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed in my life, Beckett became highly influential in how I thought and wrote. Oh, and I've been reading more philosophical texts than usual lately, with some touch of psychoanalysis here and there.
9 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-22 06:14
Have you tried acetone to remove the superglue? If it's on a glass desk I don't think you have to worry about the acetone damaging the surface!

I know what you mean about not being able to browse the internet/watch anime like you used to. Even only a few years ago, I was able to spend entire summers in my room on my computer, but now after even only a day on it I just want to be somewhere else.
10 Name: Anonymous : 2015-05-23 00:54
Are you me?

I know that in the opening post I sound very pessimistic but I could have been in a much worse situation.

When I found the afternoon cafe in its original form I had just gotten my first job. I was so wet behind the ears it's not even funny. Who I was then to who I am now is a world of difference. That's not to say it happened over night. Much like you I was in hibernation mode for a long time. It's only been within the past year that change really happened.

I don't know how, or when, or even why but I was suddenly tired of not having anything to my name. No goals, no accomplishments, I wanted to see what success felt like for once.

So here we are, I'm on an extremely bad downturn but I'm still surviving. Once I leave here again, and go back out into the fray, I'm going to give it my all.

What's amazing to note is that whether you fail or succeed in your efforts the path in front of you becomes much clearer and you move forward with a little more confidence the next time around.

Unlike you though, I've lost interest in anime completely. Video games as well for the most part. I was playing a snes earlier. I dunno, it feels that my real life goals completely overshadow anything video games or even 2D could give me. It's crazy, I know.

As for the internet. I am noticing that much like games back when I started losing interest, I find that I too can't stay on for too long. It's just a feeling of tediousness.

We'll see where that takes me.


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