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hostility in imageboard culture
hostility in imageboard culture replies
303 days old
last post: Feb 25, 2020

hostility in imageboard culture

1 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 05:34
it's strange. compared to certain imageboards, the people here seem less... much less hostile? it's honestly refreshing.

why aren't more boards like this? what makes this site so different?
2 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 06:05
I think it's because people here try to get away from typical imageboard culture. A lot of people here just want to have discussion and not spend all day trying to flame. Also it helps that there's no images to distract from actual post content.
I like it when a place doesn't have a hostile atmosphere, so long as it's not enforced. For instance, a few small imageboards I've been on have tried to enforce comfiness and non-hostility, and it is forced and not genuine. That really kills the spirit of these types of sites.
For this place, I honestly just think this place is a break for them from typical IB culture.
That's how I see it anyways.
3 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 08:21
what makes this site so different?
The atmosphere of this textboard feels like you're lying on the grass on a sunny spring afternoon, watching posts gently flow by. I think since there's no specific topic there's less chance of flamewars, but at the same time the board is still relatively obscure enough to not devolve into completely random "/b/-esque" posting.
4 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 09:17
Honestly both >>2 & >>3 are correct or at least in the way that I personally see it.

I'd say a bit of us still act in that manner once and a while. But we keep this home as a place where we don't "shit" if you catch my drift. I think a lot of the users here appreciate the comfiness of the board which in turn creates that "atmosphere" that we all have come to like. That also keeps people coming back which keeps the active levels of the board going. Sure, it's not as fast as other places. But that's probably one of the defining principals in why it's much less hostile as you put it.
5 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-09 16:42
I don't know why it's so comfy, but here and the bus stop are some of my favorite places on the internet.
6 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-10 19:38
Where is the bus stop?
7 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-11 01:40
fufufu you have to look for it
8 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-11 12:38
9 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-12 23:02
Many thanks, anon.
10 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-12 23:35
that also works
but what I wanted you to do was look into the archive, and check the thread about "the bus"
11 Name: Paperplane : 2020-01-13 08:00
+1 from me
This. whole place is designed for this feeling. You know when you're on a very busy street and see a tiny store selling antiquities and other oddities and you enter the store and suddenly all the background noise from before just vanishes? No one but you and the old lady behind the counter who barely even takes notice of you, an old clock ticking and the door chime from when you came in.

This is why people come here, to escape the buzz and noise from 'outside'.
12 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-15 19:13
Also slower boards in general are less hostile. All of the text boards generally have a fraction of the comfy-ness here. I honestly prefer a little bit of hostility/comfy mix of places like 4-ch.net or sageru.
13 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-20 05:12
This is somewhat off-topic, but I do think that it may appeal to everyone here: https://www.eugenewei.com/blog/2019/2/19/status-as-a-service .
14 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-20 08:31
Plausible. All I can say is that I don't understand human beings.
15 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-21 11:36
Hostility is usually (and only in small communities) a form of keeping people away. It has is benefits, such as preventing most children, women, /tea/-like faggots and social-media culture from infesting the board; the cons are that it attracts teenaged edgelords.
16 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-22 10:21
More comfy less hostile please, I hope this continues. I like coming here.
17 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-22 14:10
I came here because this place was mentioned somewhere, which means it was mentioned somewhere bigger, and now the threads are the same as every other board. DAE love porn, TFW no gf, kys shill, etc.
I wonder if there's a way to make a web address that's always changing, so that all hyperlinks break on a regular basis.
18 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-22 22:40
Make new threads that are better instead of complaining, simple.
19 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-22 23:26
I contribute where it's possible.
20 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-23 19:23
If you let every single tourist get under your skin, you will never have the community you want. Yes, people will shitpost on every website. It's up to you (us, I suppose) to starve them of attention until they return to whichever website they came from. People generally don't like slow burning entertainment, so when it takes days to get a reply, they'll eventually leave.
21 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-30 06:10
Not having to solve captchas is a massive improvement. The slow ones are torture.
22 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-30 09:36
I am very disappointed that many people associate this shallow and evil behavior with sincerity. I mean insulting the others and things they enjoy for no reason, pointless agression, "trolling" (modern catchprases are not trolling to me), etc. That was the answer someone gave me once: "it's sincerity". And I can't forget it for some reason. Probably because it's against everything I associate with the meaning of this word.
Try to stay kind to each other if you can. Even if everyone else does the opposite.
23 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-30 15:22
many people associate this shallow and evil behavior with sincerity
They just use the wrong word when they mean disinhibition. The internet is what strangers would act like IRL because the only case where sincerity can happen is when personal convenience is at stake.
24 Name: Paperplane : 2020-01-31 01:54
Google defines it as
"the absence of pretence, deceit, or hypocrisy"
Make of that, what you will but I think that people being brutally honest online is sincerity according to this definition.
25 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-31 17:05
Approximately 95% of the things I say on the internet as a whole are sincere, the other 5% is "I was just pretending to be retarded" for the sake of making other people laugh. On the anonymous internet, there is no reason NOT to be sincere, since you make your one post and it will never be tied to you. You can say exactly how you feel with no repercussions except in extreme cases (terrorist threats and the like). If someone were to tell me to kill myself, I have no reason to believe that they truly, in that moment, wished I would die. That feeling might fade from them in a few minutes or hours, but it was still a real feeling. If you help an anon out with some very obscure issue they are having and they thank you with all of their heart, do you consider that they could technically not be saying it sincerely? It goes both ways.
26 Name: Anonymous : 2020-01-31 17:07
Big typo changing the meaning of my thoughts, lol
If someone were to tell me to kill myself, I have no reason NOT to believe that they truly, in that moment, wished I would die.
27 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-01 01:38
Exactly, but to the contrary, you also have no reason to be sincere and believe people. Communicating on the internet is full of uncertainty, which is fine, but norms to promote good behavior (actually thinking before you post and being sincere), inhibit bad behavior (spouting whatever nonsense), and reduce that uncertainty largely have not emerged. (I would argue sites like this one and ""website tribalism"" culture more generally fulfills this role, to varying degrees of success.) Furthermore, the incentives set up are such that bad behavior is actually promoted, largely through the pervasive presence of the advertising industry on the internet, which seeks to stop us from thinking. There was an interesting article published recently which talks about this: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/24/opinion/sunday/surveillance-capitalism.html

The fact of the matter is, whether someone decides to think prior to posting is largely up to how they feel, their state of mind, and the cultural norms surrounding doing so. On those counts, we have a depression epidemic; a growth-at-all-costs consumer society that would rather we fit their models of blank-minded utility-maximizing consumers, that only work, eat, sleep, and consume commodity entertainment, pornography par excellence; and we have incubated a culture on the internet steeped in irony; which is a failure on all counts.

I think the issues we see here on the internet are symptomatic of a wider societal malaise, and any analysis of these issues has to start there. Correspondingly, if you want to help fix these issues, then it must start with going out and participating in civil society, maybe even taking on positions of power. Without people pushing for change, the changes people want won't happen. The machine rewards those who complain the loudest after all.
28 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-03 22:47
This textboard was the successor to an imageboard for the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou and Aria fanbase, which are known as iyashikei ("healing" genre) and their fanbase take after both series by being chill.
29 Name: Paperplane : 2020-02-06 03:50
I just read this again and want to add a thought: I think you think of politeness when you say sincerity. While sincerity and politeness seem to be related and oftentimes appear together there's actually no connection between the two if we look at their definitions.
Being sincere can be terribly impolite and being polite can be terribly insincere.
The challenge is to be both and that's quite rare. If we imagine it as a scale with sincerity on the left and politeness on the right, finding balance is important.
I would argue that this place sacrifices some sincerity for the politeness because we're all more interested in a calm atmosphere but there's nothing wrong with that because there's way more sincere boards than polite ones.
30 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-06 14:36
Not him but it's not just politeness that is missing. This is not a context where people speak their minds objectively, there's a lot of irrational lizard brain behavior going on.
31 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-06 23:38
I have a friend that isn't into anonymous image boards or text boards, who was surprised to learn I'm more honest places like here than anywhere else on the web. He told me in his time using them he doesn't think he ever told the truth once lol

I think it comes down to the person. What does anonymity mean to you?
32 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-07 18:19
Did you ask him why? It still seems foreign to me to lie about mundane things. If someone is asking you something and it's not very personal (like date of birth, SSN, etc), they must be interested.
What does anonymity mean to you?
It means being able to speak freely without having a history tied to your posts. Every post being standalone means that everyone is on equal footing when it comes to who is reading, and that if you're having a serious discussion, you have to actually prove you know what you're talking about.
33 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-07 20:21
Anon it's just you. The majority of people don't empathize with anything, let alone other people on the internet.
34 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-10 15:44
I think his reasoning was because he was anonymous and there is nothing linked to him, he found no reason to be truthful. This isn't a person who lies often or has malicious feelings towards others, but I also don't think he has been anywhere smaller. Just 4chn and maybe 8chn. I suppose when you realize that it becomes sort of obvious why a persons first response would be to forgo honesty in place of "trolling".
35 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-10 16:18
Yeah I guess it does, when you consider that they've had the watchful eye of powertripping moderators from reddit, discord, and other high-user places, and you suddenly say "Oh by the way there's none of that here". It's like being a kid and getting told that your parents are going to be out of town for the weekend and to not have anyone over.
36 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-10 17:08
It makes me sad whenever I hear about people who act like this. Maybe it's because I "grew up" on 4chan but I've always been as honest as I can online, no one can track me down so I see no reason not to be as truthful as possible. I'm a very shy person IRL so I really appreciate being able to share my opinions with everyone, get involved in silly community events and have deep conversations about interests that would get me laughed at if I mentioned them in public. I guess that explains why I've started drifting away to smaller imageboards and places like this.
37 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-10 20:04
I see no reason not to be as truthful as possible.
I'll give you one
38 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-11 02:07
stylometry doesn't work if the messages being analyzed have too little information. and most imageboard messages tend to be 1-5 sentences long.
for a stylometry to have a reasonable chance of working, the messages being analyzed would probably each need to be at least 100 sentences long.
39 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-11 22:48
But I'm okay with that. If someone were to analyze my posts with that much scrutiny in order to try and identify what was and was not written by me, I would be honored. Surely that person has an interest in me in some form.
40 Name: sage : 2020-02-11 22:56
Get your own stalker-- how exciting!
(and yes, I have a habit of having a space after the initial "--", you can use that to stalk me too!)
41 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-11 23:01
Yes, exactly. ANYthing to break up the monotomy. And who knows, maybe they'll be bros. And if not, well I've always been prepared.
42 Name: sage : 2020-02-11 23:05
Imagine becoming best bros with your stalker. Life would be so much simpler.
43 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-11 23:06
Whoops, was posting with "sage" as my name. Better not give people more stalking material (on the other hand...)
44 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-11 23:09
imagine being best bros with anybody
I'd call it desperate but that wouldn't really be accurate. I guess just "hopeful".
45 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-12 01:11
Haha well you never know. Probably just a joke, but if it did happen, I'd figure that might be a pretty dysfunctional friendship.
46 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-21 05:42
It is, like all my friendships.
An anon said he has no friends and only acquaintances, since you can rely upon friends consistently. I never had friends by this standard.

•3. A friendly act; a favour; friendly aid.
•4. Favourably disposed, well-wishing; inclined to approve, help, or support.
•5. a. Of things, influences, etc.: Disposed or likely to be helpful or serviceable; kindly, propitious, favourable, salutary.
b. Suitable to one's comfort, convenient.

If you are being ghosted, at best it's only an acquaintance.
47 Name: Anonymous : 2020-02-25 01:18
That would be a nice spin on it, but there's no implied interest when machine learning is doing the authoring.


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