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How's everyone doing today?
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last post: Oct 28, 2020
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How's everyone doing today?

101 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-02 16:52
Almost seems like we're fucked no matter where we are these days.
And yet there are places where people have it much better (say, Switzerland) or worse (North Korea) than elsewhere.
102 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-02 17:57
Wow, everyone around is freaking out about the coronavirus. There are people trying to get the local college shut down until the virus is gone. Not sure what the goal there is, like isn't the virus supposed to take a year or two to die out? We can't just sit around and stop living our lives for a couple of years
103 Name: Paperplane : 2020-03-02 18:00

We can't just sit around and stop living our lives for a couple of years
True but I wouldn't mind sitting around for a year again^^
Aw come on. >>101 has a point, it's not THAT bad.
104 Name: Paperplane : 2020-03-03 20:18
Aaaand I got friendzoned. That hurt! We went to the restaurant and had a good time. Later in the car I asked wether this was a date now and she just replied
I'd rather not like it to be one
But what can I say. If a girl asks me to go to a restaurant with her, I can't help but at least have a suspicion for this to be a date. This sucks, but rather sooner than later. At least now I know where I'm at. Still hurts though.
105 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-04 11:13
I'd rather not like it to be one
ouch! that's the bad karma for namefagging
106 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-04 12:55
I'm scared of the coronavirus, what is everyone's advice here for it? I really want to try to stay calm and be rational.
107 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-04 21:04
First of all, don't panic. Fear is the mind-killer! Make sure you have enough resources, but do *not* panic-buy and hoard. You probably won't need gold, but you might need beans.
108 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-05 03:57
I landed an interview last week with a large investment firm. It feels very uplifting and relaxing to have a direction now.
109 Name: Paperplane : 2020-03-05 06:50
I don't believe it. We kissed today. Somebody explain women to me.
110 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-05 08:16
Coronavirus has made my job search worse; networking and interviewing have moved online. As much as I spend time online, I still prefer those to be physical. Luckily the COVID situation where I am is very good.
111 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-05 12:29
Women are the unsolvable puzzle I'm afraid. I don't think any of us will ever figure them out.
112 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-05 16:29
My friend said something similar. All of his interviews are in "Corona Virus Central", where ever that is in his state. He's not exactly thrilled to go to interviews and I think he would prefer them if they moved his online, lol.
113 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-05 18:53
Corona was just confirmed in my city. I guess I'll see you all on the other side.
114 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-05 19:28
o7 hope all of you anons make it
115 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-07 02:42
Online interviews are more dystopian tbh. First, they ask you to install some shitty app/plugin, then they have the audacity to video call, asking if you are visible but not turning on video themselves.
Thanks friend, luckily the situation here is being managed very well.
116 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-12 05:38
Today was probably one of the worst days I've ever had, starting with losing a SOT23-5 part which I had no spares for to the carpet, and snowballing into nearly causing some people to get into a real nasty crash. So much for working toward getting a license, I'm not going to try driving again. I can't get into those dreaded machines without entirely dissociating. The barrier they put between the world and my senses is unbearable.
117 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-12 13:15
Ironically I always felt much more in control on top of a horse than inside a car. I can't believe that we settled for using 3000 pound metal boxes with wheels to move our asses around at deadly speeds.
118 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-16 00:25
I'm quarantined due to wuhan flu.
119 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-17 08:07
Damn. Get well soon, anon. Believe in your body cells that believe in you.
120 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-18 10:55
This year, I wanted to graduate, to put three years of effort behind me. But thanks to the lockdowns and the overall shutdown, it's not going to happen. I'll probably be dropping out again.

Life's funny like that. And I'm not laughing anymore. I don't belong in the real world anymore.
121 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-20 23:14
I'm getting depressed hearing everyone talk about what they plan on doing during the holidays, uh I mean "lockdown". The only way I could get time off would be to actually get the disease, so many imageboard users seem to work in tech and it's making me feel left out. Well, I suppose I should be thankful to still have my job.
122 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-21 14:37
They won't let you graduate even though the school is shut down? My school just switched to online classes.
123 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-22 21:05
Brought home the work computer so I can continue working at home. It now blue screens on starup. Fuck.
124 Name: Anonymous : 2020-03-23 11:18
Not quite a lockdown in my country but everything has come to a halt, everything I was doing to get my life back on track and practice my social skills have come to a halt as a result.
On the other hand, it's quiet outside, every single day and the weather has been improving, everyone I see, despite the crisis, seems a lot calmer than they usually do. There's a strange calm atmosphere hanging around, it's comfortable but you also feel that something is going on, it just doesn't show itself.
125 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-02 02:44
I'm having conversations via voice chat with people I never thought I would have talked to again. It's very very weird and awkward but also interesting.
I am pleasantly intoxicated. Please don't take it as an encouragement, but drinking sometimes is really nice.
I love people so much. I wish I could make the world better.
126 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-02 09:56
Man, it really feels like I went into the wrong line of work. I thought I'd really enjoy coding as a career but I can barely stand working like this. For whatever reason it's really hard to actually put in work, I don't care about what I'm working on and it's so hard to force myself to do mental tasks that I don't care about. At least when I had a warehouse job I could just zone out and work, physical labor is so much easier.

Maybe it'd be different if I cared about what I was building? Who knows though, I'm probably going to try sticking it out for a while anyways. Maybe I'm just going stir crazy from the quarantine or something.
127 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-02 13:17
I noticed this too, it has become really difficult to put my brain to use on things I really don't care much for and that has been happening in my job.
Since I too do programming for work, I've been struggling to get things done because I can't get myself to put in the mental effort required when solving programmatic problems. Working from home hasn't made this any easier.

On the other hand, I don't know what kind of other work I could do and still get by.
128 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-02 15:20
Imagine spending your life after mentally handicapped machines that do not understand anything you've told them if you put a semicolon instead of a colon somewhere and have no common sense, humor or humanity. And then you have to open source your work and open your arms to idiotic CoCs and beg to get paid 0.2$ from entitled freeloaders who use that program every day to handle their terabytes of porn and videogames.
129 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-02 22:51
t. linux package maintainer
130 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-03 00:10

A hammer and nail has no sense of humor or humanity.

All of my works are for myself. I release them as open-source in the hope that others will do the same, in the hope that I can modify and repurpose their work to suit my own desires.
131 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-03 19:44
My cat is sick and it's killing me inside. I kept my cool so far but I can't take this. God what an awful year.
132 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-05 19:44
I've had that feeling whenever my work veers towards maintenance and meaningless polishing, which seems to be a significant portion of the time. The most exciting part of programming to me is to make new things from as close to square one as possible. It makes me think that I'd like to get into a newer company or take contract work as the next step in my career, legacy systems are mentally draining, especially when no time is allotted to actually improving them.
133 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-12 06:22
Spring break is nearly over, then its five weeks to get myself into a position where I'm actually able to graduate.
134 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-13 23:30
I've stayed up till late for a couple weeks now. I'm going to drop everything I'm doing right now and go to sleep, so tomorrow I can wake up and get a nice coffee and breakfast at a normal hour and not spend the rest of the day like a zombie.

I'll friggin' elbow drop that bed so hard. Just watch me.
135 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-14 11:41
Don't know why but I'm really grateful that through it all, the Post Office has always been here.

I love you guys. I hope nothing ever happens to this site.
136 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-14 17:50
Pretty melancholy today. I've been extremely sleepy for the whole day even though I went to sleep at a reasonable time. I'll be graduating from university soon and feel saddened by it. I have never been a highly motivated person and lofi hiphop mixes have always been a constant throughout my university years. It saddens me that most of the things I have found relatable and motivating in these past 3 years will soon no longer have the same feeling.
137 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-15 11:43
I'm really amazed that we've been around since 2013 (/ 2011), going slowly, but still going. In the spirit of Cafe Alpha.
138 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-16 03:41
All day everyday is nap time! I can't tell if it's depression naps or fatigue naps, but a nap is a nap so it's okay.
139 Name: Paperplane : 2020-04-16 19:20
I saw someone wearing a Yankee-baseball cap that didn't have a brim and I am feeling blessed.
140 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-19 12:44
I totally get that man. I try really hard to hang on to positivity and being creative but it's such a drag so often. Sometimes I feel like investing into fun things is senseless because the fun will end at ome point. But hey - let's keep our heads up, shall we, Anon?
141 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-19 13:58
Same here. I'm rushing towards graduation and all the studying I'm supposed to do makes me want to hide.
Hope you're happily napping right now!
142 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-19 23:22
Since that post I have realized that your environment shapes you dramatically. Your brain is not like a computer, it's highly malleable. You have no grasp on truth, you never will. Not only because of lack of objective data to process, but also because what you have is constantly twisted by your flawed human perception.
But wait, anon, this is what education-
No. Nothing will fix this. Human brains do not have the purpose of achieving truth, or being accurate, or any of that stuff. It is nice to train this skill on the side, but that's like using a chisel where you need a knife. The human brain is a processor whose problem solving skills are environment specific. It's there so you can survive the situation your physical body is in. This is not the good ol'chemicals meme, it's actually just humanity. As a truth-telling machine, you are flawed. Way more flawed than you possibly think you are. And you are entirely shaped by your physical environment, you are like play-doh no matter how hard you think you are.
The internet, to your body, is like a dark room. You do not know who you are talking to 99% of the time, you cannot monitor your actions in real time. It all happens by probing through an intermediary, like you're piloting a submarine in the deep ocean. No matter what you see, your physical body is not in its natural state. I think this is the reason why so people people who come online feel lost. Brains just misfire. How do you assume who's worth listening to? Your methods are probably not very sensible. Many people are so tired of fumbling in the dark, which should be a temporary state eventually rewarded by the light, that they convince themselves they are blind, or they start hallucinating. This actually happens in pitch darkness. Your brain wants to figure out a situation for your body that is impossible to figure out. We are not meant for any of this, we are meant for a life in the open in a social circle of maybe 150 individuals including family.
143 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-20 02:43
This isn't the Ctrl+V thread nor your personal blog.
144 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-20 18:49
These ¨¨¨comfy¨¨¨ boards are more braindead than 4chan
145 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-20 19:05
No fun allowed
Nice, dude.
146 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-20 20:04
144 that's cool and all but did anyone ask
147 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-21 05:16

Nah, people are just a little too focused on staying comfy to a point where they appear to be retards.
148 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-21 09:07
Too much comfyness is just slow paced sedation. But honestly - being able to switch to braindead mode from time to time is really comfy.
149 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-21 16:09
Just serviced my own laptop now that I can’t go outside and have someone else fix it. It was pretty nerve wrecking since it was my first time and I was almost sure I broke something after I heard that loud clack noise, but it turned out fine. Now it’s sporting a brand new keyboard and I cleaned up the parts that still had that sticky coffee stain.
150 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-23 10:04
Nice! It's such a rewarding experience, isn't it? I just recently replaced my T420's thermal paste and cleaned the keyboard - that was really nice too!
151 Name: Paperplane : 2020-04-23 14:02
Drinking Arizona Ice Tea and eating home made rice balls during home office.
I filled them with chicken, spring onion and my try of weeb omelette(tamago). I was too lazy for the dashi so it's just scrambled eggs with soy sauce and miri.
I feel like cooking some unnecessary complicated stuff keeps me sane in times like these.
Doesn't taste exceptional but just putting in the effort of preparing the ingredients, cutting the nori paper and forming the balls with the sticky rice makes eating them very rewarding. I got some left in the fridge for tomorrow!
152 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-23 22:42
That's the best sort of food isn't it? Food that's good not because of what it's made of but because of what was put into it. For me, just putting together a couple crackers and cheese tastes a lot better than than McDonald's drive thru.
153 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-24 02:12
I picked up an opencourseware textbook to learn calculus today. I'm nearly thirty, but by the time I'm fifty, I swear to everyone reading this that I'll have gained enough knowledge to build a replacement for me and have it done.
154 Name: Paperplane : 2020-04-24 05:41
Exactly. But I'm not gonna lie, there are days where I crave McDonald's. I've boycotted it for 7 years or so and was "forced" to eat there again last year (4am at a train station after a day of riding the train and nothing waa open but McD) and since then I sometimes get the itch to eat there...
shame on me!
155 Name: Anonymous : 2020-04-24 20:33
I try my best to stay away from that stuff too, but I'm not gonna lie: McNasty's fries are the best!
156 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-01 00:15
The fries are good enough, but not the burgers
157 Name: Paperplane : 2020-05-04 10:47
Time stands still. Home office got me feeling like even the weekends blend together with the rest of the week.
Every social event is postponed or cancelled.
At least I have a friend I visit ~every two weeks in person.
158 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-08 04:43
Finished my last final for the semester today. Pretty sad about how thing turned out. Through my own procrastination and retardation i know i fucked up one class and i may have fucked up another. I cannot believe i let this happen to myself.
160 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-12 07:46
Just finished my last report for today. I'm sort of optimistic for my grades since I spent more time than usual on my work being cooped up inside. However since all the tests had to be take-home I don't know how grades will be assigned, hopefully the professors decide to be kind.
161 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-12 21:48
While that may be true i fucked up even harder because my uni was giving a "pass or fail" option for the coursers semester. If i had signed up in time i would have been able to select a "pass" option for the classes i did bad in.
162 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-18 02:38
It's been a while since I've worked on any personal projects, and I just pushed myself to do a game jam this weekend. There's still a bit to go, and the product is kind of crappy, but I think we got a good amount done. I'm pretty proud of the progress. I've got that sort of exhaustion that goes right to the pit of your chest though. In a certain way it feels kind of good.
163 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-22 17:22
Working at home and work computer just blue screened and now can't get to the desktop. This is the second computer I've had to borrow from work since the first one also broke.
Why does this have to happen to me?
164 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-23 00:11
because you suck
165 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-24 20:23
I've pretty much only been doing Uni work right now. Everything else I either can't do or don't find any joy in anymore. I've been trying to revisit things I liked a couple of years ago but they just don't make me happy like they used to. I guess that's just the way life goes.

Here's a song, I hope you like it x
166 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-25 23:58
I turned 27 today but I'm pretty indifferent about it. My quarter life crisis already came and went, got a motorcycle out of it lol. Sat all this morning during a storm wondering what I should be doing with the last of my 20's, i've posted it on like 3 or 4 different imageboards asking for advice but it's all lackluster tbh or I've been there done that to the rest of the suggestions.

Sometimes I feel like the boomer wojak meme where I'm(mentally) sitting back drinking a beer and just watching the sun set without much fuss even though inside I have so much pent up energy. I did do some spring cleaning though, cleaned out my computer and organized my music, something good came out of today's day off.
167 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-26 03:50
My plan since high school has always been to buy a motorcycle and just hit the road north here in California, listening to my favorite music along the way. That's at least what I would with that energy.
Also my day has been pretty good, this might be sort of inappropriate for this board, but I fucked this really hot girl the other last night and she was saying all these nice things to me. Really boosted my ego for the whole day.
168 Name: Anonymous : 2020-05-26 04:29
It's not that it's innappropriate but you could've phrased it a little better baka~~

When I got it I got it more out of spite than anything, took me awhile to get used to it and I'm still learning. Definitely don't regret it yet though, it's like a weight off my shoulders in the sense that at least I tried it even if it wasn't as life changing as I imagined it. Quite frankly I got used to it much faster than I expected.

I wouldn't mind a girl to be romantic with, at this point though it's hard to imagine since I've been alone for such a long time now. Sometimes I feel as though I don't want one deep down and that scares me more than me just not being able to get one.
169 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-01 10:23
I'm considering quitting my work. Reading a book on and off, and protagonist is thinking about it too. We live in a matrix.
170 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-01 16:01
Been feeling really down about the current state recently. I feel like there isn't a remote chance of having a /comfy/ lifestyle anymore.
My dream was to get a permanent japanese visa and have a little comfy Japanese cabbage farm. Live off the land in the country, go hiking, go fishing, go camping, get married, have kids and raise them without the internet culture and sensationalism of the modern world. I guess in reality I was too naive to think there would ever be a chance at that. In the end we need to grow up and face reality. What a depressing and cold thought.
171 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-01 18:31
Been there. Slaps from reality hurt me every single day. I don't know what to say to you.
172 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-02 19:21
I'm really pissed about something and I'm also pissed about the fact that I'm pissed about it.
Unsure if it's culturally the same everywhere else in a non-English speaking country but usually you have:

1. The people who spend their time in the internet outside of social media in English-speaking communities discussing non-country-specific activities e.g., anime.

2. The people speaking English 70% of the time and frequent social media including Reddit and for the most part twitter. They usually are into western tvshows and the western culture in general, some read books, relatively nice and approachable people and can co-exist with both for 1. and 3. because they're very sociable I suppose.

3. The rest, mostly native speaking social media users.

If I'm to put myself as 1., an old friend of mine is 2. and we've stopped talking for quite a while now, partially because real life stood in the way and because we're from different internet "circles", our relationship died completely. I was very interested in them because of the mutual thoughts we shared outside of our hobbies and interests when I was early 1. person but then slowly more and more dove far away from 2. which made it harder (very hard) to find people interested in me because I couldn't keep up conversations much and probably because my interests didn't match theirs in addition to the social factor.

Recently I met another person from 2. and they were nice however just like the other person, they showed very little dependency on me no matter how I actually impress them and show that I'm actually interesting. I looked them up online and found out that they have the exact interests and the exact circle, it made me think that they probably should meet each other instead of being with me over a period of time.

I'm pissed that I'm thinking that way and it's affecting my work! so I slapped myself and got back to work, hurts a bit still but I gotta move on. I'm thinking about picking a simple and small game that doesn't require much investment to enjoy because I haven't played games in a while now.
173 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-02 19:58
You can try playing go or mahjong online. These communities are really nice people.
174 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-03 00:05
Not much to add to that one, but it pisses me off the internet's designed in such a way we could be from the same country, but both of us frequent an anonymous IB, so even if we have the same interests we will never know.
That, and the fact that in order to speak to the people from you country who are into the same things you have to go to several English-speaking communities (usually US-centric ones, too) to find several of these on each of them. It's a big diaspora! I shuffle through like 3-4 Discord servers now to talk to similar people from my country, it gets pretty annoying at times.

Twitter really promotes circles and bubbles, too.
175 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-03 11:10

Well IMO it's certainly because we, internet users, abused usernames the wrong way and it lead to push 1. to anonymous posting and 2. and 3. to public name posting.

In a perfect world, we'd only be username posting on the internet and only expose our real life persona/details if we must/want to e.g., meeting an online friend in real life.

Corporations made their users feel that the platforms they're using are populated by people that think like them and forced them to exist only there for the most part to discuss everything, Discord is one.

Anonymous posting alienated the people who don't have something else to fallback to I suppose? 2. already feels social by being in their platform because it's "social" media. Everything that interests you is done in a social fashion however 1. separates the social aspect from the interests and users with no other place fulfill the social aspect end up at a disadvantage.

I suppose ideally forums with no dedicated chat server would work best because it requires you to send an email to the person you're interested in and that your relationship with them would be independent from the forum itself.

I think the latter wouldn't promote circles and bubbles in the twitter(bad) sense but rather makes people open to many forums while keeping their social aspect decentralized/independent from any of them. I don't know really...
176 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-03 17:05
I've been doing a bit better today. A lot of my despair in life is caused from anxiety and when I get that under control I feel better. In the mean time I've been studying for my midterms and working on some small projects. I recently found some old 5.25 floppy games and have been trying to get my hands on a drive to back them up before they deteriorate.
177 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-20 02:45
Hi friends, how do you deal with trolls? Obviously, there’s the tried and true adage of don’t feed the trolls, but sometimes you encounter some really persistent and toxic posters, and sometimes you can’t help but get an emotional reaction. It doesn’t help that thanks to this entire worldwide pandemic my IRL social life has dropped to zero. I just feel like shit sometimes.
178 Name: Paperplane : 2020-06-20 08:21
Just close the tab and take a step back. This of course requires you to realise you're being emotionally manipulated in the heat of the moment but whenever I notice I'm in some fruitless discussion with a troll I just leave the thread/close the tab. There's nothing to be won or lost and all he wants is for you to reply more.
179 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-22 00:37
I'm doing fine.

First time visitting here actually.

I can relate to that struggle, only traced the despair to anxiety quite recently. It is a very popular thing among college students.
180 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-22 14:59
I've created my first signature drink. Named it Vanilla Ice after my jojos. Also because it's made with cream. Hah. You can laugh now.
Haven't slept today. Our quarantine situation is getting worse.
I wanna chug a beer and fall asleep.
181 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-23 01:48
I just got off work and I'm chilling in the bar up the street from my workplace enjoying a nice cold Olympia.
I didn't get much sleep last night, so I'm thinking about taking a nap when I get home.
My workweek is over and I'm looking forward to relaxing for the next couple days.
182 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-23 14:23
doing better now, thanks. i was quite ill when i posted that, so that might have been a factor. i was also anxious about entering my first job, feel like i'm going to leave the innocence of my youth behind.
183 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-23 18:03
I don't think they have Olympia where I live. Is it pretty good?
184 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-23 21:00
im ok :)

working on setting up a deadline to give some urgency to personal projects, have to finish a painting by friday, ive been wasting far too much time recently
185 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-23 21:47
It's a cheap, crappy beer but I like it. It's kind of like PBR.
Tastes great when it's ninety-whatever degrees out and you just got out of a hot kitchen.
186 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-25 02:09
I've been better. Been working on fan translation in the manga community again, but haven't been able to find other members to collab with and/or people aren't responding to questions (not to collab, other stuff). Nevertheless, glad I began reading manga again. Definitely helps me escape and makes me feel something close to happiness.
187 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-26 08:57
Everything hurts, so I wrote a poem.

- Anon
188 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-27 11:15
I know that feel.
189 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-28 03:37
My cat went missing on the 24th and hasn't been back since
Goddammit bro's I feel so sad ;_; my baby is out there all alone and can't find her way back. I've already posted on craigslist and asked the local shelter if they have her, but no luck. I'm gonna put up some flyers tomorrow morning.
I just want to see her again, been driving around my area hoping i'll run into her. The good thing is I yet to see a dead cat on the road.
190 Name: Paperplane : 2020-06-28 07:51

Really hoping she comes back soon :( They can stay away for a few days sometimes though and then return as if nothing happened. Keep us updated.

On Topic: Finally after months of isolation I saw my friends again and he had BBQ in my garden and then played some good ol D&D. I feel revitalized.
191 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-29 20:03

What barbecue did you guys have? And how did the D&D go? My tabletop group met remotely even before this, since a bunch of us are in different locations, but I definitely miss getting to roll the dice in person!
192 Name: Paperplane : 2020-06-29 20:56
One of my player's gf works at butchery and she has access to some high quality meat and also knows how to marinate it so we got lots of chicken and pork with home made marinade. It was great.

The DnD game was my first in person in a long time too. Haven't played for months. I'm the DM and they were trying to help a clan of !Skaven to overthrow their opressors, a corrupted city full of lizardfolk. It was a pretty long session with two boss battles and with a grand finale where the skaven attacked from underground and the players had ties with the elves who came for support to it was a good plan to let the ratmen attack from inside the city via tunnels and the elves besieged it from outside. The battle lasted only a day until the lizard king was driven back into his palace and then the players fought the final showdown. Upon death he transformed into a T-Rex (he made a pact with a devil in exchange for many blood sacrifces) and the party's pala got munched on and barely survived but they managed.
Big party afterwards. The surviving lizardfolk were turned back to normal as the king's demonic influence corrupted them too. The skaven, elves and lizardmen made peace and the party is celebrated as hereos. They are making statues for them and are making poems and songs and stuff.
Was a great game day and I didn't even had to do much as a DM. They planned the military operations most of the time and came up with lots of ideas and I saw no flaw in their plans (they had 3 days to prepare for the attack).
193 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-30 05:26
I had a really bad day yesterday. I took a nap and woke up crying. I was convinced that now was the time I should really and truly give up and give in. I struggled to fall asleep that night. I felt a little better today but I'm still dealing with residual anxiety. I think tomorrow will be a better day. I'm taking baby steps to get better and I have to trust myself when I believe things will get better as much as I trust myself when I believe they won't. It's not fair to myself to only believe myself at my lowest points.
194 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-30 08:21
It's not fair to myself to only believe myself at my lowest points.
It's not only 'unfair', but also irrational and wrong. I hope you feel better soon, Anon. I've been feeling absolutely abysmal for the past weeks as well, to the point of suicidal thoughts. I haven't been this bad in years. Let me just say that recognizing that your emotional state negatively affects your rationality is the first step to fixing it.

It seems that most "normal" and functional people live in a better mindspace and get to go home, eat dinner and watch TV while unloading stress from work. As far as I know: CBT is touted as (multiple?) methods to concretely improve your ways of dealing with detrimental thoughts and cognitive behaviors.

Turns out CBT isn't effective at all while Woebot (a conversational agent/robot) is most definitely effective. Research shows that Woebot leads to a measurable decrease in stress and anxiety after 2 weeks whereas the control group which received the same CBT but in brochure(?) form did not.

I've personally used Woebot and had definite support from it. Andrew Ng is a world renowned AI researcher involved with the project. I have immense respect for the guy.

As for my last piece of advice: you should look into music therapy. If there's anything that's helped me? It's been that. Rocksmith is fun if you're into guitar or bass. (Sale on Steam atm!)

In my personal experience: Music therapy and Woebot are way better than CBT and psychotherapy. But I'm an odd du ck.

For what it's worth? I hope you feel better soon. I know how you feel but it seems you're already starting to feeling better. You're not alone in this and there are really effective tools out there. I cannot recommend Woebot enough. It's a free University research project. RS is also a lot cheaper than therapy. Heh.
195 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-30 08:21
I feel like shit. I dropped my stepson off at the Kindergarten and the kindergarten teacher said to him "haha maybe you should go out more and play less computer games". Thing is: He only plays vidya 4 times a week for 30 minutes a day which is totally in line with what's recommended. At his dads however he usually sits in front of a screen for 8 hours a day. I don't want these teachers to think that I'm raising this boyo like that. To add insult to injury I'm really young so she prolly thinks I'm raising him like some dumb young parent who just *stores* his child in front of the screen, so it doesn't bother him. Welp
196 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-30 08:27
I'd like to add that Woebot seems run by respectful researchers being privacy conscious and ethical. Woebot is fully automated and there's no human on the other end other than for anonymous statistical analysis. This is why I trust Woebot over a therapist ANYday: psychotherapists are untrustworthy hacks in my personal experience. But Woebot is a little dumb every now and then, but he grows on you, that's for sure.
197 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-30 10:11
From my experience, Woebot seems to do well, helped me to climb a hole.
198 Name: Paperplane : 2020-06-30 11:31
I only know this abbreviation from a certain context and while it would make me very happy to get a nice CBT treatment I'm still wondering what you mean when you say it.
199 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-30 13:43
Note: >>194 and >>196 are both me.

Cognitive behavioral therapy. It's hot shit in psychotherapy right now. I can't tell you how effective traditional CBT is but Woebot is REALLY effective.

It's a damn shame that psychometric clustering isn't more common. I trust statistics and self assessment forms over this qualitative "research" dribble by hacks in the field.

Christ, you don't know what a disaster the entire soft sciences are. I'm sure there is very good research being done right now and there are very competent folks at academic level. But I highly suspect that most psychotherapists are criminally incompetent and for most people, detrimental to their psychological health.

It gives me great hope to see good research being done by the Woebot folks.
200 Name: Anonymous : 2020-06-30 19:24
Woebot seems interesting but the fact that it's an app on a phone makes me immediately suspicious. Why not just have a website, unless the intent is data-mining of some sort? And calling it a "university research project" is underselling it a bit considering they've received series A funding and at this point should be considered a full-fledged member of the silicon valley startup machine.

It could well be effective and made with benign intentions, and I have no doubt that its results are better than traditional shrinks since the bar to improve on that is pretty low. But maybe it's not just my cup of tea since I don't see how what amounts to ELIZA 2.0 can provide meaningful engagement and debate (and the limitations of having to type on a phone definitely dissuade from from detailed conversation). And after a while the repetitiveness of hearing the word "mindfulness" would drive be mad (assuming that the bot does this; I have not used it aside from looking at screenshots of transcripts). Overall I think the anonynimity of imageboards is better in terms of providing meaningful, "stress-lowering" interaction.

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