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I thought it was a nice scene; too bad I had lolsorandom subs that ruined it.
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    The translations are already there. Just yesterday I said to lpf that we could also create a kickstarter and do the entire thing ourselves. I think that should only serve as a back-up plan, though.
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    >One of the responses from the Twitter guy was "It's my personal least-liked manga, but that won't affect anything."

    That rat bastard. I remember that.

    It makes you think though. If no one is willing to publish it maybe it's time we learned Japanese and just imported stuff ourselves.
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    just had to post this here
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    The music from the Atelier games are amazing:
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    I don't really care. Have fun with it.
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    Also, I came here through the front page. I'm sorry for finding the hidden gold.
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    Click me for a surprise!
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    Afternoon Cafe

    "Setting sail for Neo-Venezia, one post a day!"

    Re-upload by capey - 08/07/13 @ 12:22 PM PDT #

    Sadly not all pages were cached and we lost the custom css, but most of it is here.

    Pages of interest:
    Recent Posts
    YKK localization project.


    Little message by JDarryl - 06/07/12 @ 12:22 PM PDT #


    New year's by immo - 12/31/11 @ 03:15 PM PST #

    Everybody a happy new year. Actually you should aim for such a goal every day but oh well, it's tradition ain't it? For some (probably most) of you it'll be another 6 hours from now and for others it was 6 hours ago so I guess posting somewhere inbetween should be alright. Enjoy -Immortal

    Not there, spammer-kun! It's emberassing! by capey - 12/27/11 @ 05:18 PM PST #

    As I'm typing this, the chan is getting attacked by a relentless spammer. I don't see why anyone would do this or how such a person found this site. I'm truly sorry for the inconvenience. I'm not giving up, though.

    Christmas by immo - 12/24/11 @ 02:21 PM PST #

    Merry christmas everyone. Spend it well, you've only got 1 chance per year.

    Second message by immo - 11/15/11 @ 09:41 AM PST #

    I've added /o/, an offtopic board for (as the name suggests) everything that is not covered with the other boards. So 'anything' is fine there. (note the little marks around the word anything).

    I suppose that's all.

    Good day everyone

    First message by immo - 09/27/11 @ 03:55 AM PDT #

    This'll be the first real news item. Most of the site is done now, all we need now is content.

    An example of what we need are the banners. Anyone who's interested can send in his/her banner (600x150, JPG) in the topic I will make on the /g/ board. I'd prefer to have it somehow related to the board but who knows. Note that this is not a contest, I'll try to add all entries to the rotation. Wether It's text, just a background, with or without the YKK~ARIA title, the whole design is entirely up to you.
    I think the best banners for a community are made by the community itself.

    Also I'd like to state that this was originally the idea of the person named 'OP' in the YKK / Aria thread on /a/. I have just set this site up.
    Finally a good luck to the people working on the not-yet-named manga, It's nice to have such projects going on here (allready).

    That's all, good day everyone.